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From your reading and research this week on health care professional supply, demand, and need, investigate the need for health care professionals in your own area or your state.
This is a three-part assignment.

On the attached matrix form complete each row with the needed demographic information for your own home area.
On the attached matrix form complete each column and row according to the information you located about your own local area and its health care professional needs. Do use the resource links provided in the Supplemental Resources folder to find the data you will need.
Provide a written analysis of at least three paragraphs that describe what you learned from the data you collected. Assume the role of the Human Resources Manager for a local health care organization.

What types of professions are you most likely to target to recruit and hire now?
Include the resources that you used to help complete the assignment.

Health Care Professional Work Force Matrix
Complete the data on the matrix using the links found in the Resources folder for this week. Use other resources as needed such as your state’s workforce demand calculations or the state department of health information. Most of the data is listed as “per 100K” which means the number of providers that exist for every 100,000 people.
This is a three-part assignment. Complete the demographic table. Complete the health professions table. Provide your narrative analysis.
1. Demographics for your own area:


Complete the information for each row

Competition? (yes/no)




Nearest hospital (name and location)



Nearest primary care clinic
(name and location)



Nearest dentist (name and location)



Nearest skilled nursing facility (name and location)



Nearest pharmacy
(name and location)



Nearest mental health facility (name and location



2. Health Professions Chart


Current rate per 100K

Recommended rate per 100K

Difference in need













Registered Nurses








3. Analysis: Do you see any issues with having enough health care providers in your area? What are the types of providers most needed? If you were the Human Resources director for a local health care provider, what types of licensed professionals would you be working on to hire as your top priority?
Provide your analysis below in two to three paragraphs:

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