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Your employee training manual is almost complete. You realize the
importance of customer service and satisfaction, and you have decided to
include an example of a customer satisfaction survey in your training
manual so that your employees can see what they will be measured on.
After you complete the survey, you will also create a memo that will be
placed in the training manual for new Medical Assistants to educate them
on the importance of customer service and the impact it has on the
success of an organization.In the Medical Assisting field, you will demonstrate many diverse
skills. In addition to patient care and technique skills, digital
literacy is equally important. Creating forms, documents, and patient
education pieces may be a vital part of your role in providing support
to your healthcare team.To complete this assignment, do the following:Create a patient (customer) satisfaction survey related to the
healthcare profession using SurveyMonkey. Include at least 10 unique
questions in your survey that focus on the patient’s entire experience
throughout the visit.

To complete this part of the assignment, you must sign up for a free,
limited account on SurveyMonkey. For tips on signing up and important
information about creating your survey, download the document below.

Survey Assignment InstructionsCreate a memo for new Medical Assistants explaining how customer
service impacts reimbursement of physician services and overall expense
reimbursement for the medical facility. Also explain how and why
customer service is the one thing that sets their organization apart
from their competitors. When writing your memo, be sure to:Organize your thoughts and use the effective communication skills you learned previously.Use proper memo formatting.

TIP: Word memo templates are available when you first open Word or when
you select New from the File menu. Search for “memo” to find a suitable
memo format to use for this assignment.

Remember to apply a tone that is suitable for new Medical Assistants.Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.To submit your assignment, do the following:Paste the web link to your completed survey into a Word document.Save your memo in a separate Word document.Zip both Word documents into a single “.zip” file.For more information about zipped files, please click the Technical Requirements link on the Resources tab.

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