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Appendix B
Nursing 314
Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Clinical Paper

1. The purpose of this exercise is for students to have the opportunity to see in the clinical setting how hospital RN’s relate to EBP interventions in their practice and then compare with research supported literature the practice intervention chosen.
2. Learn how to conduct EBP research and find EBP guidelines.
3. Write observations and express ideas in APA format.

Observation, oral communication skills (interview), EBP research, and written communication skills using logic and critical thinking.

1. Identify a staff RN with whom you have worked in a clinical setting.
2. Explain to the RN that you would like to complete an assignment by observing him/her performing a nursing practice intervention then asking a few questions about how and why it was performed that way – note that individual RNs will not be identified in class discussions, only observation and interview themes.
3. Observe the RN performing a discrete intervention (e.g. changing a dressing, educating a patient on a specific module, assessing one or more vital signs). Students are encouraged to NOT make medication administration a focus of this activity.
4. As soon as possible after the observation, ask the RN the questions listed in the boxes below. Be sure to be non-judgmental and thank the RN for assisting you with this activity. Please write your answers in complete sentences with explanations. A yes or no answer will not receive credit.

ACTIVITY 1: Write Up (from interview questions) Clinical Setting

• A. Why did you perform the [intervention] in this manner?
• B. From what source(s) did you learn do perform it this way?
• C. What other acceptable ways are there to perform this intervention?

ACTIVITY 2: Locate and answer -Clinical setting. Locate and review the policies, protocols, procedures or standards (on TCBC website or Mosby’s) available in that clinical setting related to the intervention you observed, and answer the second set of questions listed below with explanations.
• D. Are there policies/protocols/procedures that define practice standards for this intervention? Were there any references used to support the policy/procedure?
• E. Do the written standards include dates of development and review or modification and when was the last review or revision?
• F. Did the RN you observed perform the intervention according to those standards?

ACTIVITY 3: Research and write (outside clinical setting). Using the information search strategies you have learned previously, locate the best published evidence regarding recommendations related to the intervention you observed and complete the third set of questions below. Be sure to cite at least 3 peer reviewed medical or nursing journals in your evidence that are published within the last 5 years.

• G. How difficult was it for you to locate quality, relevant, timely evidence?
• H. How do the policies/protocols/procedures compare with the best evidence you located?
• I. How does the observed RN’s performance compare with the best evidence you located?
• J. Critically thinks by giving a detailed plan to how they should change if needed or how they can update practice.

ACTIVITY 4: Reflect and write (outside clinical setting). Finally, include a reflective journal entry of no more than one page describing your conclusions and reactions to this exercise.


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