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The format of your paper will need to follow the following outline in APA format (include title page, abstract page, content pages, and reference page):


  • State the topic you are attempting to cover
  • State the issues involved
  • State why we should be concerned with resolving whatever issues are involved
  • State how answering the issues will help us
  • State the implications and consequences of dealing with or resolving the issues involved

REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE (2 sources minimal, at least 1 needs to be peer-reviewed)
Identify who has tried to answer the question before by doing the following:

  • Summarize how each of the sources presents and deals with the subject
  • Explain how each source presents and deals with its findings or results
  • Explain the relevancy of each source to your topic
  • State what you learned from each of your sources
  • State in what way(s) each source contributes to answering your issues


  • State your answer to your issue
  • State how and elaborate on how, explain how, illustrate how each of the sources you previously reviewed help you answer your issue
  • State what questions about your topic you still have that your sources may not have answered


  • Indicate how each of the sources have contributed to your conclusions (and clearly, accurately, correctly document those sources within your text)
  • State the implications of your conclusions
  • State what might be the possible consequences of your conclusions
  • State the significance these implications and consequences might have in the information technology / information security realm 


  • On a separate page, include a section labeled References which provides the full publication information for all the sources you used in your paper
  • You should have a MINIMUM of three (2) sources for your paper, at least 1 source needs to be peer-reviewed
  • Not meeting this minimum requirement of three (2) sources will lead to a lower evaluation of your paper for each missing source
  • Use APA format for documenting your sources

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