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1. A significant trend in law enforcement is the use of contracting services with individuals or organizations to help a police department fulfill its service mission. This trend is known as
A. bifurcation.
B. futuristics.
C. accreditation.
D. privatization.

2. As a supervisor, when evaluating employees, you should evaluate
A. personality as well as performance.
B. those that are in your direct line of supervision.
C. only those behavioral actions that are most recent.
D. circumstances as well as behaviors.

3. In a law enforcement environment, area assignments should be based on
A. requests for service and available data.
B. workloads and officer selections.
C. officer selection only.
D. proportion of workloads.

4. A visual model that shows how the elements of motivated suspect, suitable victim, and adequate location are required for a crime to occur is called the
A. dog shift.
B. crime triangle.
C. quality circle.
D. cone of resolution.

1. The decision to use one-officer or two-officer patrol units should be determined by
A. first-line supervisors.
B. community standards.
C. municipal officials.
D. individual agency circumstances.

2. The main purpose for using employee performance evaluations is to
A. reduce the rate of budget increases.
B. maintain control of front-line employees.
C. improve employee performance.
D. restrict employee dissent.

3. In the future, police agencies will be serving communities that will
A. have a much larger proportion of teenagers.
B. include more single-parent families and more senior citizens.
C. demand far fewer police services.
D. have fewer senior citizens.

4. To meet legal requirements, the criteria used in job performance appraisals must be
A. job related.
B. approved by the federal government.
C. based only on the employee’s past six months of service.
D. approved by the police union.

1. Which type of performance evaluation utilizes a numeric scale for evaluating various
factors related to individual employees and their jobs?
B. Composite ratings
C. Overall comparison ratings
D. Critical incident ratings

2. Which of the following is one of the main disadvantages of automobile patrols?
A. They’re very expensive.
B. They’re not visible to the community.
C. They’re not flexible for changing job tasks.
D. They provide limited citizen contact.

3. The most important factor contributing to high productivity and morale in a police agency
is the
A. collective intelligence of the patrol division.
B. ability of the chief.
C. quality of management.
D. overall budget.

4. Which of the following is the best action for a police supervisor to take to improve job
performance in employees?
A. Establish individual standards based on the abilities of each individual subordinate.
B. Heavily consider personality when appraising performance.
C. Accompany subordinates in the field periodically to see how well they’re doing.
D. Develop various standards for each job so that individuality can be rated.

1. Job standards, within a police agency, normally
A. make it easier for employees to meet requirements.
B. aren’t necessary for individual performance appraisals.
C. aren’t based on mission objectives.
D. focus on quality issues.

2. Which of the following common methods of patrol would be best in a business district
that falls under a community policing standard?
A. Two-man patrol vehicles
B. Foot patrol
C. All-terrain units
D. Air patrol

3. In law enforcement, productivity is specifically measured by the
A. conversion of mission into results.
B. effective deployment of patrol divisions.
C. assessment of resources to activity.
D. quality and quantity of services.

4. The basic goal of random patrols is to
A. discourage most nonprofessional criminals.
B. increase the productivity of community service.
C. increase the number of traffic summonses issued.
D. place officers closer to potential incidents or calls for service.

1. Evaluations can be made more objective by
A. using a numerical scale for each dimension.
B. focusing on the personality characteristics of the person appraised.
C. performing a pre-evaluation.
D. using assignment factors.

2. Response time is an important factor when considering arrests at a crime scene, but an even more important element is the
A. critical element time.
B. dispatch time.
C. lag time.
D. rapid response time.

3. The technique of self-evaluation is becoming more popular with managers. Which of the following is one value of the self-evaluation method?
A. It may foster leadership skills.
B. It forces employees to see management’s point of view.
C. It helps to get employees to accept other types of evaluation.
D. It opens the possibility of other rating dimensions.

4. Job standards, within a police agency, normally
A. make it easier for employees to meet requirements.
B. aren’t necessary for individual performance appraisals.
C. aren’t based on mission objectives.
D. focus on quality issues.



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