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The purpose of this assignment is to develop fundamental skills in data analysis.


You have been provided with two excel data sets labelled:

1) Pre-Group DASS and

2) Post-Group DASS Data Analysis Reports.

These data have been taken from a group of parents with children at a local primary school

who underwent a six-week course of stress management treatment (i.e., the ‘Cool Parents’

program). The course was psychoeducational in focus and aimed to instruct parents in the

use of cognitive and behavioural strategies that have been demonstrated to be useful in

reducing stress and anxiety. There was also opportunity for parents to discuss what was

being presented with one another both during the weekly sessions, as well as afterwards

over coffee.

The researcher administered the Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale (DASS) questionnaire

(Lovibond & Lovibond, 1995) at the start of the course and also at the end. This is known

as pre/post testing. The researcher used the DASS to identify the stress, anxiety and

depression levels of the participants at the start of the program and was investigating

whether the levels decreased over the course of treatment.

The Post-Group DASS Data Analysis Report excel file also contains qualitative

information obtained from the 20 parents who completed the program (i.e., see sheet 3).

These data represent verbatim transcripts of participant responses to a question enquiring

about their experience of and views concerning the ‘Cool Parents’ program.

This assignment requires you to produce a 2000 word report analysing, presenting and

discussing both the quantitative and qualitative data obtained from this study. The format

of your report should follow the recommended structure and format described in the

Section 9 online class space entitled, “Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

Practicum” and must include results of quantitative data analysis performed using relevant

functions of Microsoft excel and qualitative data analysis using ‘thematic analysis’.

Unit Outline: BESC3061 – Applied Social Research 14

Trimester 3 2015

To assist you complete this task you have been provided with the following resources

which are located under Section 9 of the class space:

• Pre and post group DASS scores (contained in the two excel data files described


• The Section 9 online manual (N.B. PLEASE READ

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