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1.    Develop competence in planning nursing care for a family.
2.    Assist family members achieve an optimal level of health.
3.    Provide health information to family members that allow clients to assume healthier behaviors.

General description
Core knowledge development of family nursing requires the professional nurse to be knowledgably about family structure, function, dynamics, and theories. The professional nurse working with families who have children must also be proficient in social, psychological, and spiritual responses of children and families. Client education is one of the most important roles for a nurse in any health care setting. The goal of educating others about their health is to assist individuals, families, and communities in achieving optimal levels of health. Nurses provide information and skills that allow clients to assume healthier behaviors. Promoting healthy behavior through education allows clients to assume more responsibility for their health, resulting in better health maintenance habits.

1.    Please read the ENTIRE interview guide before selecting and meeting with the family. Choose a family with an infant, toddler, preschool, school-aged or adolescent child. Do not use family members or other students. Consider families you know from your church, apartment complex, people you work with. Identify a family early in the semester to allow time for the completion of the assignment.
2.    Adjust your visit times to the family’s convenience and plan to complete the visit in one hour or so.
3.    Plan your visits so that you can meet as many family members as possible.
4.    Obtain signature on permission form of an adult family member.
5.    Explain to the family that this is a reciprocal agreement whereby you are learning how to help a healthy family in the community attain a higher level of wellness.
6.    Share with the family that you will be writing a nursing care plan and creating a teaching plan for the family, but that this information is all confidential and is shared with faculty only. Names are not used in the written nursing care plan.
7.    During the entire course of visits, the professional nurse/client relationship should be emphasized rather than friendly or social relationship.
8.    Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing to the visit (see student handbook). A uniform is not necessary. Photo ID’s must be worn.
9.    Complete a family assessment interview using some of the interview questions in the attached documents. Familiarize yourself with the questions prior to your first visit so that it is completed in a timely manner.
10.    Everything is to be typed!
11.    You are required to include care plan with the paper. You will need to keep the paper organized. Include headings and titles as needed. Not all of the information will be included in the care plan.
12.    Include the following assessment information in your interview (this is to find a teaching topic and does not need to be including in the paper unless it relates to patient education.)
a.    Family composition
b.    Occupation and education of patient’s family members
c.    Cultural and religious traditions
d.    Family interactions and roles
e.    Communication within the patient’s family
f.    Health system considerations
g.    Complete a Genogram of the family including at least 3 generations
13.     Analysis
a.    Analyze the findings of your assessment
b.    Identify family strengths and weaknesses
c.    Identify and prioritize the patients and family needs
14.    Develop a care plan for the family (not a single individual)
a.    Use the care plan rubric laid out in 2450
b.    Your goals and interventions should align with your teaching plan.
15.    Develop a teaching plan
a.    Assessment data:
i.    The assessment data is used to form your teaching plan
ii.    What did you see and hear during your assessment observation?
iii.    Include the following information about the family, dividing into subjective and objective sections
1.    Learning environment
2.    Previous knowledge of the topic
b.    Interpretation of data
i.    What is your analysis of the family and your inferences and conclusions related to the appropriateness of the topic
ii.    How will the interpretation influence your teaching?
iii.    Include:

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