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 Assignment 1

Refer to the K-12 Textbook you selected as you complete this assignment.  The student portfolio you create will be based upon this textbook.

You should have created a super test by this point!  

Now, create the guidelines you would use in developing a student portfolio to cover the same chapter.     

Your guidelines should specify:   

a. The purpose of the portfolio.   

b. Who will have access to the portfolio.   

c. The number and types of entries students are expected to include.   

d. The role of collaboration in developing portfolio entries.   

e. The inclusion of self-evaluations of the entries.   

f. The evaluation criteria to be employed.   

Assignment 2 


Use the following set of scores to:    

(1) construct a frequency polygonwith a class interval of 3   

(2) construct a stem-and-leaf diagram  

(3) compute the mean, median, range, and standard deviation.   


Student      Score  

     A              60   

     B              58   

     C              56   

     D              54   

     E              53   

     F              52   

     G              48   

     H              47   

     I               45   

     J               42   

     K              40   

     L              39   

     M             37   

     N              35   

     O              32   

     P              29   

     Q              28   

     R              20   

     S              15   

     T              10   


Median =    


Range =    


Mean =   


Standard deviation =    

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