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Module 1 Discussion

When does behavior
become “abnormal”? Provide an example of behavior that may be
strange but not necessarily “abnormal”? Think of people you
know, but please do not mention any names (or relationships to you, if any).
Please post your
response by midnight on Thursday night, and post at least 2
additional responses to other posts by midnight next Sunday night.
I won’t enforce the Thursday night deadline during Module 1.

Please do not wait to get a textbook to start interacting within these discussions.
Discussion posts will never be accepted late. Even if you don’t have a
textbook, you should still do your best to interact within this area.

Module 2 Discussion

What is the number 1
cause of abnormal behavior? Name it in the subject area and describe it
in a short paragaph.
Please post your
response by midnight on Thursday night, and post at least 2
additional responses to other posts by midnight next Sunday night.

Module 3 Discussion

Tell us about someone
you know who has (or who appears to have) an anxiety disorder.
Please do not use any names! If you don’t know of anyone, then tell
us about someone who has some of the characteristics of a person with a disorder.
How far is this person from being diagnosable?
Post your initial
answer by Thursday night (at the latest), then 2 responses to any other posts
by Sunday night.

Module 4 Discussion

someone you know who appears to be depressed. If you don’t know of
anyone, interview your friends and learn about someone they know. What
criteria does the person meet, and how do you think they became depressed?

Module 5 Discussion

Listen to a few of
these clips first:

(This link will take you out of the course if you don’t copy/paste into a
new window.)

What do you think it
would be like living life with schizophrenia?

Module 6 Discussion

a person you know who has something in common with one of the personality
disorders. Please do not mention any names!

Module 7 Discussion

do cultural standards of beauty influence Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Module 8 Discussion

At what
point should a person see a therapist? What type of therapy would
you generally recommend? If it makes it easier to answer the question,
think about someone you know while answering this (without mentioning any

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