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On completion of this unit you should be able to:     
1.    Identify the basic anatomy and kinesiology of the human body and describe how these structures adapt to contemporary training methods aimed at improving fitness.     
2.    Students should be able to prepare and demonstrate safe and effective exercise as part of a progressive plan or stand-alone session

In order to pass the assessment you will need to:
•    Outline the function of skeleton, joints and recall the major structural components of the musculoskeletal system and the cardio-respiratory system and how to use exercise to maintain or improve their efficiency.
•    Give examples of an appropriate training plan to meet clients’ needs and be able to explain with evidence the supporting literature.
•    Identify safe practices of work for both you and your clients and the legislation that controls health and safety.
•    Demonstrate safe and effective coaching of an exercise session with appropriate communication and consideration for health and safety of by pointing out all the relevant safety issues and correct technique to the client.
•    Discuss suitable modifications or alternative exercises to suit a given individual’s needs.

Assessment 1: Written Assignment - 1500 words - Exercise plan and essay (40%)
You will be required to develop a six week exercise programme for the client described in the scenario below. Using a template provided (page 46 see template below) you will see that the first week of the plan contains the first induction session which outlines the exercises and activities they will perform. These will form the starting point on which to develop and build your plan. The 6 week exercise plan you prescribe must be suitable for the client described and you will be required to rationalise and justify your choices, based on current literature and the guidelines for exercise prescription. The written element of this work will require you to discuss the rationale for exercise choice, principles of progression you employed and the impact it should have on client A’s health and fitness using supporting literature that should be referenced in your discussion (1500 words). A detailed marking criteria can be found on the subsequent pages and will be useful for you to use when seeking to ensure you address the most pertinent areas in your work and plan the layout.

The scenario:
A 40 year old female has booked an appointment with you to get a session plan for the first 6 weeks of her new training regime. A meeting with the client has revealed the following information:
Name: Client A                DOB 16.05.75
Height : 1.45m                Weight:65Kg= Body mass index (BMI) is 31 Kg/m2
Blood pressure 145/88 mmHg        Resting Heart rate (RHR) 89bpm
Lifestyle : 3 glasses of wine per day, gave up smoking 6 months ago. Works in London and commutes daily from Luton, recently found the stairs more tiring at the station. Her mother has a history of high blood pressure and father has a history of coronary heart disease and had a triple bypass at aged 55.
Status : Married with three  children aged 13-19
After a recent visit to the doctor client A was recommended to make some lifestyle changes and more exercise and activity was one of them.  Client A has a gym facility she wants to attend based in her London offices and can make time for 3 hours a week of planned gym exercise sessions. The PAR-Q shows She has no contra-indications to exercise training and her six week goal is to reduce BMI, improve muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness.

You will be awarded marks on 3 main areas of the assignment as follows:
The six week session plan (40%)
The ‘what’ will your client be doing
Please use the “plan format” indicated in following pages and the first week of induction activities as a guide from which to base your plan upon.  Keep the plan concise; simply state what is to be done. For example: 2 sets x 15 reps of: leg press, squats, chest press or dynamic stretches 6-8 repetitions: leg swing (hamstrings), open gate (adductors). The plan should state what the client will be doing. Name the exercise/activity in relation to what you have learned in lectures and readings; include the intensity they will be working at. Take into account: exercise order, muscle balance, the components of fitness, the principles of training and of course apply the principles of progression FITT (frequency, intensity, time, type). Ensure you consider all of this in relation to the literature which should inform your choices of exercise intensity, duration etc

Essay - Rationale for the plan (40%) (The why & how)
This is where you will provide a discussion which will justify the choices in the exercise plan. Use background reading and academic references to devise the plan. For example, why did you choose dynamic stretching? What does the research suggest in terms of timings, types and order of stretches? The justification is then a thorough explanation of the plan (exercise choice and intensity), why and how you progressed the regime. Remember a six week progressive plan means that week 1 should be different in some way to week 6, illustrating your wish to progress your clients’ fitness to achieve improved physical fitness.  The prescription of the exercises, intensity and progression should closely align with what texts and journals are suggesting. However, also bear in mind the clients fitness level, be realistic with your exercises and timings. Pictures or additional information should be placed in the appendices if required (for example pictures of stretches or exercises that may be termed differently to the gym booklet).

You should aim to use at least 4 relevant references (mixture of journal and text book), more will enhance your understanding and potentially, the work you can produce will be better. Use the referencing guidelines set for HSS sports therapy, Harvard referencing.

See also the learning support for document guidance. Explain and justify to the reader why you chose the format, activities, and intensities to improve this client’s health and fitness. Apply and describe the underpinning scientific principles of training that enable the reader to understand the physiology of the client’s adaptation to exercise.

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