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As the Manager of CA City Construction Group you have recognised that when it comes to waste the CA City Construction Group policy and procedure is lacking in environmentally sustainable practices. As it is very basic you’ve identified a way to leave an ecological footprint by establishing an appropriate waste management system. In order to facilitate this improvement process, please begin by reviewing the CA City Construction Group policies and procedures - Conservation and Recycling section.

1.    Introduce a green program within all areas of the workplace, including the office and work sites (or your own organisation) by choosing a waste treatment focus. Outline your program and identify which waste treatment strategy you will focus on. Your program must include the following:

a.    Scope   
b.    Objectives
c.    Waste Management Procedures
d.    Training
e.    Budget
f.    Records
g.    Responsibilities

2.    Briefly explain and describe what mentoring strategies you would use to encourage and support your team to participate in the decision making process, including assuming responsibilities.

3.    Why would they (your staff) assume responsibility for these areas? How would you communicate with your team? Why?

4.    In order to ensure success of the green program, set four performance goals (KPI’s) for your team and identify how you would address any issues that might prevent them from meeting those goals.
TIP: Refer to Plan Do Act Check in your eBook.

5.    Create an outline of a proposed performance plan by including the following:
a.    Identify the desired performance levels of the team (as outlined in Question 4)
b.    Provide a measure of progress for the desired performance levels

6.    What rewards and recognition would you use to encourage and support your team?

7.    What decision making process would you use? Why?

8.    What systems would you put in place to communicate the continuous improvement process to stakeholders?  TIP: Refer to the eBook section on ‘Working with stakeholders.’
a.    Create a flow chart to assist you.

9.    Who are the stakeholders? Why?

10.    What continuous improvement processes/models would you recommend be put in place? Why? Give at least one example.

11.    To fill in any gaps in either performance or skills, what processes would you put in place? Briefly explain how you would do this and how you would ensure that it is effective.

12.    What new opportunities could you capitalise on and be responsive to the market changes? Be sure to base your answer on continuous improvement rather than waste management specifically.

13.    How would you measure the success of these opportunities? Why use them (this/these indicators)?

14.    Use a communication flow chart to demonstrate the communication plan.

15.    Using each of the following strategies, explain how you could manage further improvement opportunities:

a.    The change management model
b.    Communication plans
c.    Maintaining documentation
d.    Total quality management model

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