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A A Trisket at Tasket
B Lemon Drop
C Fine and Mellow
D I Got Rhythm
(29)All these musicians were part of what? 
(30)Match the following composers of Tin Pan Alley.
— C Irving Berlin    A Night and Day, What is This    
Thing Called Love, I’ve Got You Under My Skin and Let’sFall In Love.
— E Jerome KernBMy Funny Valentine, My Romance, and with Oscar Hammerstein II wrote the music for Broadway shows like South Pacific, Oklahoma,and The Sound of Music.– D George GershwinCwrote God Bless America, White Christmas, Blue Skies, Puttin on the Ritz– B Richard RogersDSummertime, I Got Rhythm, Someone to Watch Over Me– A Cole PorterEAll The Thing You Are, The Song is You, The Way You Look Tonight.
(31)The first important post-bebop group was the ______________.
A Modern Jazz Quartet
B Art Blakely and the Jazz Messengers
C Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Orchestra
D Miles Davis Nonet
(32)Which of the following were part of the backlash of bebop?
A A new emerging sound, Rhythm and Blues gained popularity and jazz slipped into the corners.
B The New Orleans Revival.
C Musicians from the 1920’s who had ended their music careers suddenly found they were in demand for concerts and club appearances.
D Bebop musicians were considered communists.EBebop music was not recognized as being art.FThree answers are correctGTwo answers are correct.
(33)______________________ is considered to be the greatest bebop drummer. Although he inherited the style thatKenny Clarke had developed, he made drumming more melodic and more polyrhythmic. From 1953 he co-led agroup with trumpeter Clifford Brown.
A Art Blakey
B Tony Williams
C Philly Jo Jones
D Max Roach
(34)The following statements refer to what?
 (35)Jazz was all over the place in Harlem during the ____________. You could hear it in dance halls like the Savoy, Renaissance, and Roseland Ballrooms. You could hear it in nightclubs like the Cotton Club, Connie’s Inn and Small’s Paradise. It was jazz that to a large degree drew white America to Harlem to get a voyeuristic taste of the exotic world of the African American.

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