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1-  Answer each statement as honest as possible. Once you have completed the survey, grade your responses.
. 0 = Not at all
. 1 = Rarely
. 2 = Sometimes
. 3= Often
. 4= Very Often
2- Then, add up your statement responses – total points for each of the six elements.
1. Establishing a Positive Decision-Making Environment  (Statements 3, 7, 13, and 16)  Total 16 points
1. Generating Potential Solutions (Statements 4, 8, and 11)  Total 12 points
1. Evaluating Alternatives (Statement 1, 6, and 15)   Total 12 points
1. Deciding (Statements 5, 10, and 17)   Total 12 points
1. Checking the Decision (Statements 2 and 9)   Total 8 points
1. Communicating and Implementing (Statements 12, 14, and 18)   Total 12 points\
3- Then, rate the degree of positiveness for each of the six elements.
Example: My score for the first element (Establishing a Positive Decision-Making Environment)  Total 16 points is:
2. Statement #3 – I answered  Rarely = 1 point
2. Statement #7 – I answered  Sometimes = 2 points
2. Statement #13 – I answered  Sometimes = 2 points
2. Statement #16 – I answered  Very Often = 4 points
2. Total points  9 out of 16
4- Now, evaluate each element.  
. For the example above, you might summarize that you are a moderate when it comes to establishing a positive decision-making environment.  I feel that this is inaccurate, because I always establish a positive decision-making environment.  The reason I say this is because everyone at work tells me that it always feels positive when I am in charge.  (This is just an example)
5-Your paper should be:
1.  Respond to 1 page post.


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