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A written assignment (literature survey and an analysis on a specific topic decided by the module lecturer)




1500 words



August 2018

Arabic loan-words in the English language

2. Preparation for the Task: You are to consult the lecturer after completing each phase

Phase 1

Step 1

Read 4-5 chapters on morphology, word formation and borrowing in standard textbooks in Linguistics

Step 2

Select words form there which are examples of different word borrowing processes (4-5 words representing each process)

Phase 2

Step 1

Using the Internet search engines find out various uses of the selected words

Step 2

Observe how the word changes class / category , meaning and pronunciation after borrowing

Step 3

Step 4

Make note of interesting features as you observe

Keep a record of the source

Phase 3

Step 1

Consult 2-3 dictionaries and see if all the information you found out are included in them

Step 2

Compare your research results with that of the information given in the dictionaries

Phase 4

Write your observations in the form an academic essay in about 1500 words (including the examples)

Show the draft to the lecturer and seek his advice on how to improve.

3. Action Plan


Suggested date for completion

Phase 1 of assignment

Week 7

Preliminary background reading

Week 7

Phase 2 of assignment

Weekend (7-8)

Outline of the essay

Week 8 (early)

Phase 3

Week 8 (later)

Phase 4

Week 9

Final submission

End of week 10

4. Submission Guidelines

4.1 Formatting

The cover page should contain the following information:

Title of Assignment

Name and code of module

Your name and student number

The body of the assignment should be formatted according to the following parameters:

Font type: Times New Roman

Line spacing: 1.5

Font size: 12

Page margins: 1 inch on all sides (top/bottom, right/left)

Sections and examples should be numbered as follows:

Sections: 1.0; 2.0, 2.1, 2.2. 2.2.1; 3.0 etc.

Examples: (1); (2) a., b.; (3) etc. throughout the entire essay

The assignment should be referenced in accordance with the Harvard system of referencing.

Hanging paragraph setting for all bibliography entries

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