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Week 5

Read the articles “Applications in
Social Justice Counselor Training: Classroom Without Walls” and “The
Multicultural Workplace: Interactive Acculturation and Intergroup Relations”
and review the APA Guidelines forProviders of
Psychological Services to Ethnic, Linguistic, and Culturally Diverse
prior to considering the following scenario.

You are a psychologist in an urban community that has seen a 200% growth in its
immigrant population over the past 3 years. Eighty-seven percent of this
population speaks a language other than English at home. You work for a
community mental health center, which is seeing an increase in referral from
this population primarily because of the children’s interactions with the
school system. The children typically become bilingual quickly. The parents are
typically less fluent in English than their children; however, approximately 30%
of the adults in this immigrant population are fluent in English and hold
advanced degrees and middle- to upper- middle class jobs. The remaining 70%
primarily hold jobs that do not require higher education although many do have
degrees from their country of origin.

Based on the reading, evaluate research and practice aspects in this applied
context and use elements from previous learning in your program to address the

What types of staffing and
training recommendations would you make for the community mental health
How would you facilitate
intergroup work relations among staff at the community mental health
Would you support the use of
the DSM-5 to diagnose clients with limited English proficiency?
How would you evaluate whether
or not your staff is competent to work with this population?
Explain the rationales for your
answers by providing evidence from the required readings.

Communications Competency: Presenting
Mental Health Information

Read the “Numbers Can be Worth a
Thousand Pictures: Individual Differences in Understanding Graphical and
Numerical Representations of Health-Related Information” article prior to
answering. Informed decision making in the mental health and medical
professions requires the ability to understand and effectively communicate
statistical information. For this
discussion, address the following in your post:
• Select
one mental health disorder of your choice based on a valid diagnostic category
in the DSM-5.
• Research
the disorder and locate relevant statistics obtained within the past 7 years
regarding overall prevalence, gender and age differences, and treatment
• Present
this information in the discussion forum in two formats: Format 1 for
individuals with high graph literacy; Format 2: for individuals with low
graphic literacy but high numerical literacy.
Information regarding each of these two formats is discussed in the
assigned article.
• Be
sure to include your references in your discussion post, that are formatted
according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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