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Write  a 1,400-word persuasive research paper that argues your personal position on a controversial topic ( Why College Students Should be paid compensation) that you think is worthy of public debate.  

Include a strong thesis statement and be organized so that your arguments are clearly presented. Avoid giving background on your topic. Instead focus on proving your thesis statement.

Incorporateboth classical principles of argumentation and elements of the Toulmin model of argument analysis.

Support your claims with credible references, using a minimum of four peer-reviewed sources.


Note to Tutor. I have already researched the following and have included the annotated bibliographies below.  Thanks. Add additional if you need to for a total of 4 including mine or your own. Thanks!

Annotated Bibliographies

Hartnett, T. (2013, October). Why College Athletes Should be Paid. Huffington Post,

Retrieved from http://ESThttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/tyson-hartnett/


This article is a rationalization of why and how the athletes should be paid.  The author is trying to justify the reason why the athletes should be paid and also to explain the amount of money and why or why not.  The author explains why they should not get paid salaries equal to other professional athletes but that they need to be paid for the level of play that they perform.

JC Clemons, S. W. (1995, Jan 05). Ex-NCAA head byers: Athletes deserve pay.

 The Atlanta Constitution (Full text)Retrieved from


This peer reviewed article is the continued debate over whether college athletes should or should not be paid.  It focused on the amount of money being made by the colleges on the backs of its athletes and disparaging figures of what they are given in scholarships and the difference made by the schools. They discuss the types of money made via television broadcast rights, ticket sales at the games and the memorabilia.

Rheenen V. (2013). International Review for the Sociology of Sport,

ISSN 1012-6902, 10/2013, Volume 48, Issue 5, pp. 550 – 571

International Review for the Sociology of Sport, ISSN 1012-6902,


This article thoroughly analyzes the trends of amateurism in college sports as time changes. It addresses what were the norms in the past sports culture and that of the current and future.  How the athletes because they are not paid are able to be used for financial gain by the colleges.

Soloman, J. (2014).  CBSsports. Schools Can Give out 4-year Athletic Scholarships, but

  Many Don’t. ”Retrieved from http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/writer/jon-




Schools have the freedom to terminate a student athlete’s scholarship at any time.  This can happen even if the scholarships is renewable or not. This can happen if an athlete does not perform well or does not meet the coach’s expectations--they could lose their scholarship. This creates the argument that athletes’ are treated as employees.

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