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We are at the point in this semester to begin researching and building the bibliography for your essays. In this module you are to access and properly cite (MLA format) primary and secondary sources for your research essay. PROCESS:

1. Read bookmark on research and bibliography (below)

2. Start research--it is strongly encouraged that you use the online data bases you will find by going to the WCCC webpage/click on the LIBRARY tab and then go to the LITERATURE data bases. Make certain when you get to these sources you click the boxes that read FULL TEXT and PEER-REVIEWED.3. 

This essay has a requirement of no less than 5 SECONDARY SOURCES (sources written ABOUT the story, poems or play you are analyzing). When writing the Body Analysis portion of your essay, I also encourage you to include textual warrants (direct quotes from the story, poems or play) as appropriate.

4.  This first draft bibliography is not to be posted, but if you would like me to provide feedback please send your work 


Research papers written for any Warren County Community College class must conform to the required documentation style. Papers written for humanities (and some social science) classes will follow the most recent edition of the Modern Language Association (MLA) in-text citation and bibliographic methods. Social science and science papers will require the use of the most recent edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) in-text citation and bibliographic methods. History papers will require the use of the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) footnotes, citations and bibliographic methods.

Please consult with your instructor regarding the correct documentation style to use in his/her class.

Citation (Documentation) is the systemic process of giving credit to the sources and information that are used in your paper. Its purpose is to identify the works you consulted and to distinguish these works from your own ideas, facts, and opinions. Failure to cite your sources is plagiarism, which is the presentation of another’s words, ideas, or research as your own. This is a form of theft, and it applies to the use of material found on the Internet as well as books, articles or any form of print or non-print resources.

Why Citing Sources is Important in Your Research

When you cite a source in the body of your paper or in your bibliography you are showing the reader (often your professor) that you can find information to support your research. It also shows the reader that you can appropriately restate, infer or synthesize current thinking into your own work.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is theft. Plagiarism is taking an author's words, images, sound recordings, or other intellectual property and placing it in your work without giving the person credit. This means if you take information that was produced by a person, group or agency and do not give them credit you are then plagiarizing someone else's work. Avoiding plagiarism is your responsibility as a student. Even if you are unaware that you are plagiarizing, you can still get into trouble for doing it.

Why You Need to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

Taking another person's intellectual property without giving them credit is a form of academic dishonesty which is in violation of academic policies at WCCC. The Student Handbook notes that appropriate academic conduct obliges students to, "give appropriate recognition by name for their contributions to published materials" (18) and also that "dishonesty such as cheating, plagiarism or otherwise academic intentionally furnishing false information to the college is prohibited" (20). Violation of these rules can lead to a failure for a course and/or expulsion from the College.

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in your Writings, Papers or other Documents•

Use index cards to note sources•

Review your paper before you hand it in•

Keep the original author's name in the same sentence as the quote•

Use quotation marks

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