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purpose of the Final Paper is to apply your understanding of
industrial/organizational psychology to a specific job and organization. This
paper should be an objective analysis of a specific job in a particular work
organization. It may be a place that you or a friend or family member is
currently working.
Your paper
should be based on material from the class and the textbook. You are expected
to write an eight- to ten-page paper (not counting title and reference pages)
that integrates relevant topics and theories from industrial/organizational
psychology. Utilize a minimum of three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources
document in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
Be sure to
address the following discussion points in your paper:

1. Describe
the organization as a whole and a specific job within this organization.
Is there a formal job description? Include a complete job description (if
available) as an appendix. Does this organization use a formal job analysis? If
so, describe it.

2. Explain how
employees are recruited and selected by the organization. Do they use tests,
interviews or application blanks? If there is a standard application,
include a copy with your paper as an appendix). Is there a formal job
evaluation that determines the appropriate pay levels for different jobs and employees?

3. Explain
the criteria that are used to appraise employee performance. How are
employees appraised? How often are they evaluated and by whom?

4. Discuss the
kinds of training/development which are a part of this job. How effective
is the training?

5. Describe
some of the specific stressors in this job and the company’s communication

6. Discuss
how the organization or your specific supervisor motivates his/her
employees. What motivation theory best seems to apply? Identify the
leadership approach or theories which best explain this organization and
discuss how it is applied.

7. Describe some
of the various groups that exist in your workplace. What factors affect group
performance in your job? Use at least one theory in your analysis of this

8. Describe
changes you would suggest for improving this job and/or organization.
APA Format Having Introduction and Conclusion Both

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