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C04V Introduction to Psychology
Question 1There are three primary components to the experiencing of any emotion. They are __________.
Question options:
conventional, preconventional, and postconventional components
physiological arousal, expressive behavior, and cognitive experience
conscious, preconscious, and unconscious components
alarm, resistance, and exhaustion
Question 2Thirteen-year-old Debbie is attempting to jump off of the high diving board for the very first time. Though she does not have a pathological fear of heights, the concept of jumping off of a ten-meter board is very stressful for her. As she walks to the edge of the board, her heart begins to pound and she gets goose bumps on her skin. These responses refer to the __________ component of an emotion.
Question options:
expressive behavior
affective relay
cognitive experience
physiological arousal
Question 3Which of the following has been found by research into having a social support system and physical health?
Question options:
Women who have social support systems are more likely to get breast cancer screenings.
Men who do not have social support systems are more likely to suffer from alcoholism.
Adolescent girls with social support systems are paradoxically more likely to develop an eating disorder.
Adolescents who have social support systems are less likely to engage in risky behavior, including drugs and unprotected sex.
Question 4Despite the fact that a prefrontal lobotomy can, in fact, help to reduce the intensity of emotions, it also has the side effect of __________.
Question options:
causing severe long-term memory loss
interrupting motor skills in the legs and feet
causing the hallucinations and delusions often associated with schizophrenia
impairing a person’s ability to plan or manage their life
Question 5Which of the following can cause a genetic male to develop female external genitalia?
Question options:
Klinefelter syndrome
androgen insensitivity syndrome
Wolffian androgynous syndrome
Müllerian atrophication syndrome
Question 6In the culture of India, a __________ refers to an individual who occupies the “third gender,” and is neither a man nor a woman.
Question options:
Question 7Jason’s wife, Mitzi, told him, “I think you should know that I’m pregnant!” After he regained consciousness and got some of the color back in his face, Jason started thinking about what life would be like as a father, imagining all of the joys and struggles that would be involved. Jason’s process of imagining how he would feel about something that might happen in the future is called affective __________.
Question options:
Question 8 “Turn that frown upside down, mister!” Maybe you heard this line from a grandparent at some point in your life. Okay, if you are a girl, maybe it was “missy,” but you get the point! According to the __________ hypothesis, smiling can, in fact, cause you to become happier!
Question options:
myographic stimulation
facial feedback
positive muscular
Question 9Given recent advances in our understanding of the complexities of gender, which of the following courses of action are doctors more willing to consider when dealing with an intersex baby?
Question options:
Doctors are more willing to let parents decide which gender they want their child to be, and then take the medical steps necessary to make those changes occur.
Doctors are more willing to use hormones prior to birth to allow intersex babies to develop normal genitalia on their own.
Doctors are more willing to use plastic surgery to adjust intersex individuals’ genitalia shortly after birth.
Doctors are more willing to leave intersex individuals’ genitalia intact and unaltered.
Question 10What is the relationship between the terms “mood” and “emotion?”
Question options:
A mood is part of an emotion, but an emotion is not part of a mood.
An emotion is a response to a specific stimulus, while a mood is a more general free-floating feeling that does not relate directly to a stimulus.
An emotion is part of a mood, but a mood is not a part of an emotion.
A mood has an affective component, while an emotion has an expressive and a physiological component.
Question 11People with gender __________ disorder feel that they were born into the body of the wrong sex and have a strong identification with the opposite gender.
Question options:
Question 12Which of the following statements has research found with regard to androgynous people?
Question options:
They have a greater likelihood of having a non-heterosexual orientation.
They are highly functioning and effective because they do not limit themselves to one set of gender rules.
They have greater difficulties in adolescence as a result of peer teasing.
They are socially inept because they cannot relate effectively to people of their own or the opposite sex.
Question 13Ross has been outside for the past four hours mowing the lawn and doing yard work on a ninety degree day. He comes inside and immediately begins downing glasses of water. After he’s had three or four glasses, he stops drinking so quickly and calms down a bit. Ross’s motivation to drink water is best explained by Clark Hull’s __________ theory.
Question options:
extrinsic satisfaction
hedonic principle
altruistic drive
Question 14Sarah runs track for her high school, and generally runs the longer distances. She notices that even though she experiences pain as the race continues, she can count on eventually experiencing a brief break from the pain, called the “runner’s high.” This is caused by the release of __________, neurotransmitters that inhibit pain and stimulate the immediate pleasure of rewards.
Question options:
gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA.
ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA.
Question 15The __________ system is to boys as the __________ system is to girls.
Question options:
Wolffian; Müllerian
Stausberg; Flynn
Müllerian; Wolffian
Flynn; Stausberg
Question 16Chastity and Shane are fraternal twins, born seventeen minutes apart. They go through many of life’s trials and tribulations together, but if their developmental schedules hold true to average, Chastity will start going through her pubescent development approximately ___________ her brother.
Question options:
the same time as
five years earlier than
three years later than
two years earlier than
Question 17The __________ law states that in general people perform at their best when they experience a moderate level of arousal; too little arousal will not motivate their best effort, and too much arousal will interfere with their performance.
Question options:
Question 18The theorist who suggested that prior experiences of a stimulus can cause an exposure effect that primes us to react in a certain way to that stimulus in the future was __________.
Question options:
Stanley Schachter
Robert Plutchik
Jerome Singer
Robert Zajonc
Question 19When a child is conceived and has an XY chromosome type, that child is genetically a boy. Which of the following statements best reflects where his chromosomes came from?
Question options:
He got his X chromosome from Mom and his Y chromosome from Dad.
He got his Y chromosome from Mom and the X chromosome from Dad.
He got his XX chromosomes from Mom, but the XY chromosomes he got from Dad were genetically dominant, and that is why he is going to be a boy.
It is impossible to know which chromosome came from which parent.
Question 20In most cases, what is the relationship between gender and biological sex?
Question options:
In most cases, gender and biological sex are in vast opposition.
Gender is only aligned with biological sex in cases of severe psychological disorders.
Gender is only aligned with biological sex when a person is homosexual.
In most cases, gender is aligned with biological sex.
Question 21The intense fear of having a panic attack in a public setting or situation may lead to fear of crowds, unfamiliar places, or situations from where escape may be difficult. This condition, which often accompanies panic disorder, is called __________.
Question options:
avoidant personality disorder
social anxiety disorder
social phobia
Question 22The major precept of catharsis theory, the idea that venting our emotions helps to deflate them, has found what response in the research community?
Question options:
Research has not supported the idea that venting can decrease rage, and in fact has found that venting can cause rage to increase.
Research has found that catharsis is only useful for men, since they get angry much more often than women.
Research has found that catharsis is only useful for children, since they don’t have the vocabulary to express their anger in other ways.
Research has found that catharsis is only useful for people who live in individualistic cultures, and not those who live in collectivist cultures.
Question 23        __________-focused coping is a coping strategy that involves a person attempting to alleviate stress directly, either by eliminating the source of a stressor or by changing the way he or she behaves in stressful situations.
Question options:
Question 24        Gene is being trained in the ability to give a psychological __________, which means to assign a label for a person’s mental disorder assigned by identifying and classifying patterns of behavior.
Question options:
Question 25__________ coping is a coping strategy that involves maintaining an artificially positive viewpoint and trying not to think about a stressor.
Question options:
Question 26Angela has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is in her late teens, is experiencing her first psychotic episode, and has been hospitalized. Her parents have given consent for treatment with medications and intend to follow up with carefully trained physicians and therapists to get psychotherapy, education, and medication. If they are very conscientious about her care, and if Angela is an active and willing participant in her own treatment, she should be able to manage her illness and lead a productive and happy life. This anticipated outcome of an illness is called a __________.
Question options:
concordance plan
treatment plan
Question 27Despite popular misconception, stress can actually be good for you and serve positive functions. The stress that we experience in response to positive events is called __________.
Question options:
adaptive stress
positive stress
Question 28The mental and physical responses that we experience when exposed to threatening or challenging events is called __________.
Question options:
Question 29Aliya has been suffering from changes in her mood recently. She goes from a “normal” mood state to a mildly elevated mood where she seems to be more creative and energetic. She is still able to function when these elevations in mood occur, but they do seem odd given her history of being a very even and level person. Aliya is experiencing bouts of __________.
Question options:
rapid cycling
Question 30        Compared to other alternative medicine techniques like acupuncture and meditation, how effective is biofeedback at helping to reduce stress?
Question options:
Biofeedback is far more effective than meditation, but less effective than acupuncture.
Biofeedback is not significantly more effective, and it requires expensive equipment.
Biofeedback, acupuncture, and meditation are all rather ineffective.
Biofeedback is far less effective than meditation and acupuncture.
Question 31What is the relationship between perceived control and the experience of stress?
Question options:
Research has not revealed any relationship between stress and perceived control.
Stress and control are directly related, meaning that the more control we perceive we have, the more stress we tend to experience.
The perception that one has control over a situation helps reduce the stress caused by that situation.
Experiencing stress in a given situation lowers our perception of the control we have over that stressor.
Question 32A sense of powerlessness underlies the theory of learned helplessness and its contribution to the symptoms of depression. This theory was researched and explained by __________.
Question options:
Martin Seligman
Aaron Beck
Paul Glasser
Fritz Perls
Question 33Almost __________% of Americans report experiencing frequent stress, with the same number reporting occasional stress in their live
Question options:
Question 34Which of the following is one of the criteria for defining a mental disorder as spelled out in the DSM-IV-TR?
Question options:
The disturbances involve short-term, acute distress.
The disturbances are best explained by poverty, prejudice, or other social forces.
The disturbances are viewed by mental health professionals as harmful, deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional.
The disturbances have a rapid onset and are a marked change from recent functioning.
Question 35Which of the following areas of the brain have not been shown to have unusually high activity in people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Question options:
the basal ganglia
the striate nuclei
parts of the limbic system
the frontal lobe
Question 36__________ coping is a coping strategy that involves facing a stressor directly and working to overcome it.
Question options:
Question 37Steve is constantly nervous and worried. He cannot identify what it is that makes him upset, and he has difficulty sleeping and occasional stomach problems. The best diagnosis for Steve would be __________.
Question options:
generalized anxiety disorder
obsessive-compulsive disorder
phobic disorder
panic disorder
Question 38Louanne has been having difficulties with stress lately, so she goes to a therapist who talks her through the process of alternately tensing and relaxing different muscle groups in her body. Then they work on proper breathing technique. The goal of these exercises, which are collectively called __________ therapy, is to help relieve tension and stress.
Question options:
dynamic muscle
peace induction
Question 39Which of the following is not a type of strategy for alleviating the effects of stressors?
Question options:
emotional approaches
cognitive approaches
social approaches
behavioral approaches
Question 40Jennifer has learned that her boss is very unhappy with her performance on a recent project. She also knows that the company has been in trouble lately, and that people are in danger of losing their jobs. Which of the following would be the best example of a rational coping response from Jennifer?
Question options:
Jennifer goes to her boss, discusses the deficits in her performance, and gets feedback on how to improve.
Jennifer makes sure to avoid seeing her boss, because if she cannot be found than she cannot be fired.
Jennifer scrambles to get coworkers who are friends to agree to “share” the blame for the deficient work, so that everyone can’t be fired at once.
Jennifer takes a day off, works on the project at home to try to improve it, and then hopes to submit it without her boss realizing that she redid the work.

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