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Describe the intent of evaluation research and how it differs from theory-driven research.please go over my uploaded files first before writing, which include instruction of paper and related reading.

Psychosocial program evaluation study involving older adults

please go over my uploaded files first before writing, which include instruction of paper and related reading.
For this paper, you are to identify and critique a psychosocial program evaluation study involving older adults. This should be a published study appearing in the

research literature. You cannot use the Bruce et al. (2004) article described in Unit 8.
Your critique should address each of the criteria described in Unit 8 fitting to program evaluation research with older adults (e.g., meaningful between group

differences, use of multiple measures of response) (PLEASE see the following content and uploaded material (chapter 11) to find the unit 8 description). You are to

provide a summary/overall appraisal of the effectiveness of the program examined and the evaluation study conducted.
More and more, governments and funding agencies want to see evidence of the benefits and cost effectiveness of social interventions to ensure that limited resources

are spent wisely. As a result, evaluation research has become one of the most common types of applied research in the social sciences. Rarely is such research

theoretically driven; instead, evaluation research examines practical concerns (e.g., cost/benefit analyses of a new functional maintenance program for older adults in

comparison to existing programs). As with study in other domains, many of the best evaluation research studies combine quantitative and qualitative design elements.
Learning Objectives
This unit will help you understand the intent and general design of evaluation research.
By the end of this unit, you should be able to:
• describe the intent of evaluation research and how it differs from theory-driven research
• compare and contrast each of the five types of program evaluation research
• describe how quasi-experimental design is used in evaluation.
Elements of Evaluation Research
The second assignment for this course entails the selection and critique of a specific gerontological evaluation study. To assist you in this task, read the Bruce et

al. (2004) study. Critique this study using the following criteria:
1. Identify the experimental design Is it a true experiment, quasi-experiment, or qualitative study? Does this study reflect a combined design (i.e., qualitative and

quantitative methodologies)? How might the design of this study been improved?
2. Did the researcher(s) make use of multiple outcome measures? List each of the response variables measured in this study. Do they provide a sufficient range of data

(i.e., provide complete data in order to address the study’s purposes)? Are there any conflicting findings, and, if so, how adequately are these explained by the

3. Do the treatment and control groups differ with respect to key secondary variables? How might between-group differences with respect to secondary variables be

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