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Choose four (4) of the following questions and write a 3/4 to 1 page response (single spaced) to the questions chosen.  It doesn’t matter which you choose.  The text we used in class is The Psychology of Gender, 2nd edition, however any CREDIBLE outside sources can be used.  There is no minimum or maximum amount of references required.  Just please make in-text citations and list the references at the end.  APA format please!1. Explain how the hormone Oxytocin relates to gender differences in both stress and coping responses.
2. Many
studies of hormones and behavior use “abnormal” populations. Explain
why this is both good and bad, from a scientific point of view.
3. Melissa Hines discussed the disorder congenital adrenal hyperplasia
(CAH). Briefly explain this disorder and its consequences for
gender-related behavior. Do you think these consequences reflect
biology, socialization, or both? Defend your answer based on the course
4. We encountered evolutionary psychology
in our discussions of both love/sex and murder. Explain the
evolutionary psychology perspective on each of these. What is the
common thread between these topics, from this perspective?
5. Why
do women have lower scores than men on standardized math tests? Answer
this question for someone who has never taken a psychology class,
including a discussion of biological, social, and interaction
6. You
are at a family reunion, and you let it slip that you are taking a
Psychology of Gender class. Your obnoxious Aunt Julie overhears you and
says: “Psychology? Bah! Everyone knows that men and women behave
differently because they are biologically different! End of story!”
Explain how you could prove Aunt Julie wrong using what you’ve learned
so far in this course.
7. Aunt
Julie is at it again, arguing that women make naturally better
caregivers than men. As a result, she claims that men should be fired
from jobs in fields like teaching and nursing. This causes Uncle Mark, a
hospice nurse, to call Julie all manner of nasty names and storm out of
the room. Analyze this interaction (and why it was destined to be
difficult), using everything you’ve learned in this class. (Hint: Your
answer should focus in particular on why it was hard for Mark and Julie
to debate the issue.)
8. Chapter 9 of The Psychology of Gender
gives an overview of the “social constructionist” perspective on
gender. What makes this perspective unique? What does this perspective
add to the discussion about sex and gender?

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