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Community Building Essay

  • Program Assessment - Community-building Essay This is an institutional requirement.
    Please write an essay based on the following prompt. I think (hope) the instructions are clear enough. To maintain comparability, I'm not supposed to give you any more instructions or clarification.
    You *should* get full credit for this essay. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you get full credit. I will not be grading the content of the essay. Here's how I'll grade it:
    - Is it turned in by the deadline: April 16 (my birthday!) at 11:59 p.m.
    - Is it two pages long?
    - Does it use appropriate formatting?
    - Does it use appropriate grammar?
    - Does it *not* plagiarize?
    - Is it on topic?
    - Is it a sincere effort to provide a thoughtful response?
    If you do all that you get full credit.
    OK. Here's the prompt you should write about:
    Robert Putnam, in his book  Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community,uses the example of the decline of bowling leagues across the country to suggest the passing of community and associations in the United States. Traditionally these associations provided the “social capital”* upon which society was built.
    Has social media exacerbated this loss of community and neighborhood associations or has it enhanced community building? Many argue that electronic communication lacks the tactile and personal nature of face to face contact necessary for true communities. Others respond that online communication permits a much broader understanding of community, with connection across a heretofore impossible expanse of culture and geography.
    Using real-world examples, please compose a two-page essay discussing the impact of the new world of digital communication on community-building in America.
    Your essay should use MLA formatting and demonstrate college-level grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

    *Social capital: A network of personal relationships that provide social glue.

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