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  1. As you counsel your hurting clients, what you say to them will be guided by your own beliefs about the role of suffering in human experience (part of your own “theoretical map” as discussed in the lecture). Considering the numerous points that were made in the course, make a list of at least 5 concepts (“questions to ask myself as I counsel those who are suffering. . . “) that you found particularly helpful, insightful, unique,or had not thought about before. What guidelines would you particularly emphasize as you counsel hurting people? The five concepts you list should be based on the course materials, so make sure you cite the source you use.
  2. Then consider the following scenario. What suggestions from the course materials would you want to apply to this hurting client? Why did you choose those suggestions as most important?




You work primarily for an adoption agency but on some evenings, you volunteer your time at your church’s free counseling clinic. Your client in that setting, Jamie, was recently divorced, and expresses that she “has no direction” in life. She feels very rejected and alone. She often cries in session and in her latest session, lashed out at you, her therapist, since she was “not feeling better.” She questioned whether you were really helping her since she is still “feeling all this pain.” She left asking “why can’t you help remove this needless suffering.”





There are several parts to this discussion topic. As in the first discussion forum, it helps to itemize each element of the discussion topic.


  1. Provide five specific concepts based from the course materials (in the form of questions to ask yourself). For these concepts, let us get some in-depth thoughts and discussion going on here. We all know the basic concepts of the helping process such as building a working relationship, using listening skills, respect for the client, etc. Go deeper into the course materials to formulate your questions/concepts. Draw from the course presentations and text. I will be looking for topics from the course materials. Discuss the emphasis of these concept questions in working with hurting people. It is not enough to state that the concept is helpful, or will provide support to the client, or such similar vague comments. Provide details regarding the concept, what use of the concept will accomplish, while maintaining the discussion and focus on the issue of suffering.
    1. A sample type question is as follows: What does the concept of “wounded healer” mean, and how might this concept be implemented in the helping process (Nouwen)?
  2. Why are these concepts particularly important in counseling?


For the Case Scenario

  I can recall a time where I was working with a family system with a focus on the child’s behavior and difficulties. First thing in the morning, I had just walked into my office, and the phone rang. I answered the phone and the parent was screaming in frustration regarding her child. I could hear the child in the background screaming and crying, in temper-tantrum style. The parent literally screamed through the phone, “YOU were supposed to FIX this!” There are different forms of suffering:

  • As human services workers, what is our role regarding the suffering that our client’s experience?
  • Is it the worker’s role to remove suffering? Consider this from various perspectives.




Please remember the preferred format for the discussion board posts:


  • Please type your post into a Word document first.
  • Use double space
  • Proofread your post (grammar, spelling, sentence structure all count)
  • Use course materials and Scripture to support your discussion.
  • Provide citations and references, formatted according to APA guide, chapters 6 and 7. The correct citations for the presentations is located in the discussion board description.
  • Use subject headings to organize your discussion (based on the different elements in the discussion topic)
  • Cut and paste your discussion into the message box (This often helps to maintain the formatting).


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