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*Media Review: You will each be assigned a movie to watch; movies will be assigned two weeks after the first class. Discuss how the issue of white collar crime is presented in the film. Do not give a scene-by-scene description of what happened in the movie. Who starred or appeared in the film (ie: the movie stars) or who directed the movie is not important (remember, this isn’t a film class).  Your review should be a thoughtful discussion of the film and how it relates to white collar crime.

Your discussion should include: 

is the movie based on a true story;

what is the crime; 

how does it take place, 

why does it take place, 

who are the characters involved (NOT the movie stars who play the characters – the characters 

  themselves – who are they, what is his/her profession),             

how long does the crime occur before it is discovered, 

how is it discovered and who/why/how is the crime discovered, 

how did the discovery of the crime affect the offender’s reputation/status in the business

   community or his/her family; did it have any affect?

how is the crime resolved, was there a trial; if so, what was the outcome, 

did the perpetrator receive a prison sentence. 

If greed is involved in your film, what motived the greed? (a father’s approval, perhaps? Or maybe resentment of insults the character endured in the past?)  In other words, is the greed based on something more complex than greed for money and arrogance?

Was the entity (ie: the corporation or agency) a victim or perpetrator, or both?

What do you think? Is the propensity to engage in unlawful conduct systemic; that is, is it inherent in a competitive, free-enterprise economic system in a society oriented toward the individual Or was criminal behavior caused solely by “bad apples,” rogue employees whose character flaws led them to cheat and steal?

Based on our class readings and discussions describe the extent to which the media's portrayal of the crime was accurate. What does the research say about the particular crime that occurred? 

Your paper must be between 4-5 pages in length. APA format required (DO NOT include an Abstract or Table of Contents for this short paper!).  

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