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Plan and design a health promoting strategy for a health need in a specific population in Singapore.
•    Identify the health needs of the selected population - critically review accessible evidence related to the health need, including a rationale for its prioritisation.
•    Critically review resource needs (including knowledge and skill requirements) in implementing a suitable health promoting strategy targeting the health need.
•    Plan and design a suitable health promoting strategy targeting the health need, including appropriate evaluation.

Additional guidance

This assignment asks you to plan and develop a public health strategy that is appropriate to address a health need in a specific population in Singapore. This assignment is based on the teaching in the unit and the group work that you have participated in during the unit.

Use the model from Ewles and Simnett (2003) outlined in Scriven (2010), and work through the stages of planning and developing a suitable public health strategy for your chosen health challenge and health need.

Stages in the Scriven (2010) model include:
1    Identifying needs and priorities
2    Setting aims and objectives for the public health strategy
3    Providing a rationale for the best way of achieving the aim
4    Identifying appropriate resources
5    Planning the evaluation methods that may be used.

Steps to help you

You need to identify the health challenge and associated health needs in an identified population e.g. dementia in the elderly.

You need to access the literature that defines this health challenge as a particular health need and write an account that provides a critical evaluation on why this health need is important. You must provide a clear rationale for your decision on selecting this health challenge as a priority for action. You must critically evaluate the quality of the evidence you review in your response to this part of the assignment.
Identify a health promotion model or framework that you are using to design the health promotion strategy.
Provide a clear explanation of the public health strategy that you have developed.

You need to describe clearly how this public health strategy might be implemented and provide a rationale and reasoned argument for the decisions you have made including aims and objectives, the health promotion model(s) or framework(s) used, choice of setting for the public health strategy, methods that will be used, plans for evaluation.

You also need to review critically the resources that will be required to implement this public health strategy and present a brief action plan for implementation.

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