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The company has carried out some preliminary primary data collection.  The company sent a short questionnaire to recent customers to obtain some basic information about the following:
Age, Gender, Total Income per annum ($), The total spend on the purchase ($)

The results of the Data collection are as follows:

Customer ID    Age    Spend ($)    Annual Income ($)    Gender
A    17    1,602    12,500    F
B    22    2,691    15,900    M
C    29    1,456    37,000    M
D    19    2,530    27,500    F
E    25    897    31,000    M
F    16    98    12,000    F
G    29    1,753    41,000    M
H    20    2,365    16,250    M
I    33    2,118    32,000    M
J    21    825    17,500    F
K    29    1,817    34,000    F
L    35    1,538    48,000    F
M    18    1,435    15,000    M
N    16    37    600    F
O    26    1,892    28,500    M
P    41    1,539    56,000    F
Q    28    1,582    37,500    F
R    31    1,258    37,550    M
S    25    2,846    31,000    F
T    27    1,983    33,500    M
U    22    1,073    27,000    M
V    28    1,594    38,550    F
W    24    682    23,000    M
X    22    1,005    21,500    M
Y    35    1,396    46,500    F
Z    27    2,173    33,525    F

A)    You are to produce a spreadsheet of Descriptive Statistics to show the following:
i.    The Mean age and spend, and the Standard Deviations of these variables
ii.    Histograms of the distribution of age and spend The Median Income and the Interquartile Range
iii.    The correlational coefficient between total income and spend (Assessment Criteria: 2.1, 2.3, 2.4. 3.2)
B)    Produce a short presentation entitled ‘Our Existing Customer’ containing graphical representations, including all appropriate labels and trend lines, and analysis of the descriptive statistics calculated in A) above.  Note to students, you must interpret the statistics in relation to the business case and present your findings in bullet point form within the presentation, it is also necessary to be critical of the validity of the data collection (consider any potential bias).  (Assessment Criteria: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.1, 3.3, 3.4)

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