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(TCO 12) According to your text’s complete definition of
abnormal behavior, which of the following statistically infrequent behaviors
would qualify as most abnormal?

The belief that the CIA is following you
Having your entire body tattooed
INCORRECT Living a completely celibate life
Painting your face for every football game

Question 2. Question
(TCO 12) According to the behavioral perspective,
obsessive-compulsive disorder is a result of _____.

unconscious tensions
blocked personal growth
faulty reasoning

Question 3. Question
(TCO 12) According to learning theory, the development of an
anxiety disorder may be related to _____, while the maintenance of that
disorder may be related to _____.

operant conditioning; imitation and modeling
operant conditioning; vicarious learning
classical conditioning; operant conditioning
classical conditioning; imitation and modeling


Question 4. Question
(TCO 12) According to the text, the risk for bipolar
disorder in the general population is between _____.

10 and 20 %
5 and 20 %
.5 and 1.6%

Question 5. Question
(TCO 12) A preoccupation with one’s own concerns and an
insensitivity to the needs of others is defined as _____ in your text.


Question 6. Question
(TCO 12) According to your text, why does psychoanalysis

Once a person understands his or her
maladaptive thoughts, new thoughts can be learned.
Once unconscious material gets to the
conscious mind, new behavior can be learned.
Once a person gains insight,
conflicts can be resolved.
Once a person feels unconditional positive
regard, he or she can learn to love his or herself.

Question 7. Question
(TCO 12) Cognitive therapy alters _____, the things people
say to themselves when they interpret events.

delusional beliefs
incongruent thoughts

Question 8. Question
(TCO 12) When a therapist attends to body language and
listens for cues to help him or her understand the emotional experiences of
clients, he or she is using _____.

emotional bonding
unconditional positive regard

Question 9. Question
(TCO 12) Your text defines family therapy as a psychological
treatment that _____.

identifies and treats each member’s problems
attempts to change maladaptive interaction
patterns among family members
treats the identified patient in the family
before other members
teaches parents how to apply behavior therapy
to increase adaptive behaviors and decrease maladaptive behaviors in their

Question 10. Question
(TCO 12) It is important to remember that when tokens are
used to shape behavior, they must be _____ to be effective in the long term.

gradually withdrawn
intangible as well as tangible
used only for simple behaviors
given on a fixed interval schedule

Question 11. Question
(TCO 12) Identify the three components of Freud’s
personality structure and explain the interaction among the components.

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