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Read the Community Tool Box chapter related to developing logic models.  In terms of the overall layout and sections to incorporate, please utilize one of the two attached examples as the template for your health issue and target population.
Remember that a logic model is a visual representation of how a program’s activities should contribute to the desired outcomes for the program.  It should reflect a clear “if-then” logic. 
As such, this logic model should provide a clear snapshot of how your program should, in an ideal world, fulfill its mission.
This assignment is where you will provide a detailed plan for your health program, describing your key strategies and activities in a logical sequence along with your marketing plan and budget.  In keeping with the representation depicted in your logic model, your program’s strategies and activities must properly reflect an effort to achieve your program’s goals and objectives.  If they are not fully and clearly connected, then you have a problem with your program’s logic.
Your assignment must include the following components:
•  The program must be completed in one year or less; as such, you must include a timeline
•  A clear sequence and description of your program’s key activities/strategies. 
• Review the “Identify Core Components and Elements of the Intervention” area of Chapter 18, Section 1 in the Community Tool Box for guidance.
• Be explicit about which activity/strategy supports which of your program’s objectives – including how it will allow the objective to be fulfilled
•  A clear and detailed marketing plan for your program (Note that your marketing efforts must be included in your program’s timeline.)  Review the appropriate Community Tool Box reading for guidance.
•  A detailed budget of up to $25,000, provided in table form, to reflect the costs for marketing and implementing your program.  Note that you do NOT need to include salaries in this budget. Think about such items as equipment, supplies, incentives, space rental fees, etc.
• For each listed item in your budget, be sure to be specific about what you need (e.g. if you need blood glucose meters for your program, break down thetotal cost by listing the price per unit).  I have attached an example of a budget table for guidance with the layout
• A column devoted to the “justification narrative” for each item listed must also be included.  Here you will describe/justify the purpose of each item you have listed.
Formatting and Other Requirements
•  Assignment must be attached as ONE SINGLE document
•  Title page with name, assignment title, and university (APA-style)
•  Double-spaced
•  Times New Roman font, 12-point
•  1” margins on all four sides
•  4-5 pages in length (length requirement does not take title page into consideration)
The two assignments should be in separate documents.


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