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M1-A2 Project Management

M1 Assignment 2 Discussion

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Assignment 2: Discussion Question

Important note:Discussion questions in this course use a case study that is found in Shared Documents in the file named “Project Management Case.” It is strongly recommended that you read this case study before attempting an assignment. Also, it is mandatory that you attempt all assignment questions in the order they are presented in.

By the due date assigned, respond to the discussion question. Submit your responses to the  Discussion Area.Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible.

Discussion Question

Consider one of the following ethical situations that could arise when a company such as Trillo Apparel Company requests an outside contractor to perform work.

Situation 1You need to hire contractors for the electrical work. You also know that getting the permits is going to be very difficult and my delay your project. You have a friend in the electrical business who knows an inspector that can beto move your inspections to the top of the list. If you hire your friend’s company, you know you will have your inspections completed on time.

Situation 2You need to hire inexpensive labor to build your work benches for the production floor. You have a bunch of college friends who are in need of work and the pay is good for this work. You also feel you might have more control over the workers since they are your friends. You know that your company usually uses takes bids for this type of work

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