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NSG 6020 Midterm Quiz (Latest)
Question 1 (2 points)
In performing an examination of a 3-year-old with a suspected ear infection, the nurse practitioner would:
Question 1 options:
omit the otoscopic exam if the child has a fever.
 pull the ear up and back before inserting the speculum.
 ask the mother to leave the room while examining the child.
 perform the otoscopic examination at the end of the assessment.
Question 2 (2 points)
A female patient tells the nurse that she has had six pregnancies, with four live births at term and two spontaneous abortions. Her four children are still living. How would the nurse record this information?
Question 2 options:
P-6, B-4, (S)Ab-2.
Grav 6, Term 4, (S)Ab 2, Living 4.
Patient has had four living babies.
Patient has been pregnant six times.
Question 3 (2 points)
During an examination of a female patient, the nurse practitioner notes lymphadenopathy and suspects an acute infection. Acutely infected lymph nodes would be:
Question 3 options:
firm but freely movable.
hard and nontender.
Question 4 (2 points)
A visitor from Poland who does not speak English seems to be somewhat apprehensive about the nurse practitioner examining his neck. He would probably be most comfortable with the nurse practitioner examining his thyroid:
Question 4 options:
from behind with the examiner’s hands placed firmly around his neck.
from the side with the examiner’s eyes averted toward the ceiling and thumbs on his neck.
from the front with the examiner’s thumbs placed on either side of his trachea and his head tilted forward.
 from the front with the examiner’s thumbs placed on either side of his trachea and his head tilted backward.
Question 5 (2 points)
When palpating the abdomen of a 20-year-old patient, the nurse practitioner notes the presence of tenderness in the left upper quadrant with deep palpation. Which of the following structures is most likely to be involved?
Question 5 options:
Question 6 (2 points)
A 6-month-old infant has been brought to the well-child clinic for a check-up. She is currently sleeping. What should the examiner do first?
Question 6 options:
Auscultate the lungs and heart while the infant is still sleeping.
 Examine the infant’s hips because this procedure is uncomfortable. 

 Begin with the assessment of the eye and continue with the remainder of the examination in a head-to-toe approach.
 Wake the infant before beginning any portion of the examination to obtain the most accurate assessment of body systems.
Question 7 (2 points)
During a morning assessment, the nurse practitioner notes that the patient’s sputum is frothy and pink. Which condition could this finding indicate?
Question 7 options:
 Viral infection
 Pulmonary edema
Question 8 (2 points)
A woman comes to the clinic and states, “My eyes have gotten so puffy, and my eyebrows and hair have become coarse and dry.” The nurse practitioner suspects:
Question 8 options:
Question 9 (2 points)
In performing auscultation of heart sounds, which sequence would the nurse practitioner use?
Question 9 options:
Aortic area—pulmonic area—Erb’s point—tricuspid area—mitral area
Pulmonic area—aortic area—Erb’s point—tricuspid area—mitral area
Aortic area—tricuspid area—Erb’s point—mitral area—pulmonic area
Pulmonic area—Erb’s point—tricuspid area—pulmonic area—mitral area
Question 10 (2 points)
During an admission assessment, the nurse practitioner notices that a male patient has an enlarged and rather thick skull. The nurse practitioner suspects acromegaly and would further assess for:
Question 10 options:
bowed long bones.
coarse facial features.
an acorn-shaped cranium.
Question 11 (2 points)

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