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read articles prior.

Paper should be:

****write your own argument with SUPPORT of three articles provided. please create your own argument, must be clear can have similar views to authors. no other outside sources.

-You name, the name of the class, and the title of the paper on the front page in the upper left-hand corner.

-All font (including the title) should be 12-point Times Roman Numeral.

-Pgs. Numbered.


-Works cited should be on its own page, it does not count towards the page limit.

-Please us APA for your citation and works cited.

-There is a 1500-word limit. Do not exceed or undercut this limit by more than 150 words.

Selecting a topic

What are your interested in? What do you want to know more about? Your paper topic should answer these questions.

You can pick a topic from class readings and/or discussion.

I can help you be more specific with your topic so please talk with me about it even of you think your topic is vague at the moment.


Like I said in class writing is a creative activity although sometimes term paper make it seem like it isn’t.

Get away from the computer and just write down some ideas you have been having, do it quickly and don’t worry if they are “wrong” or “right”.

Brainstorming can be used to arrive at a topic or to explore a topic you have already selected.

Reread your brainstorm; focus in on what you think is good about it; brainstorm again about that specific idea.



Reading is a part of the writing process; your ideas have to be informed or supported by the ideas of others.

Find articles, book chapters, etc. that are discussing the same subject.

These authors can be from class reading or not; your paper needs to have at least 3 outside sources; that is, 3 authors that are not you . Wikipedia can be used but does not count as one of the three sources. Please check the legitimacy of your sources. In the age of computers and social media there is a lot of bad (incorrect, unsupported, presumptive) information available.

The major headings (Roman Numeral) of your paper will be:


Body paragraph 1,2,3,4, etc.


The introduction introduces (duh)

By the time the reader finishes reading the first paragraph of your paper they should know exactlywhat you are writing about except without all the detail. No fluff; no filler; you can be creative with your language but do not write a poem.

The body of your paper consists of evidence, reasons, or information that persuade or inform (actually some amount of both) the reader.

This is where the other authors come into play, but the majority of the ideas and writing in this paper should be yours.

Limit your use of direct quotes, instead restate what the author has said in your own words (still site the author though).


Brings everything together in a clear and coherent way.

Restates (but does not repeat) what the paper has claimed given what you have learned through writing the paper.

Can also say something about next steps: ex. now that we know this, we should look into this other thing

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