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Assignment Instructions

Your Essay 1 Assignment is due at the end of Week 2, Sunday, April 15th. I am offering the first 12 students who prefer it the later due date of Sunday, April 22nd. Please just send me a message with your request. *Note: There is no penalty for choosing this option. 

*Please plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute to make your request. Only requests made before April 15th will be considered. Do not email me on Sunday April 15th asking me to make an exception. The late penalty of 10 pts per day will apply for each day your essay is submitted after the April 15th deadline. 

You are expected to read the "Essay Requirements", included as an attachment with this assignment. Please read through and familiarize yourself with these requirements, as there are penalties for any of the guidelines that are not followed.

*Please note, no revisions of essays are accepted. Once an essay is graded, the grade is final.


Choose one of the stories from the Lesson Two readings that you did not focus on in your initial post during week two.  Think about what you believe the theme/point is behind the story.  After you have a plan, begin to write a draft of your short fiction essay.   Please make sure to review the readings from Lesson One.  You are expected to understand this information.  Please also incorporate the literary vocabulary discussed in lesson one, most specifically the elements of fiction: " The Elements of Fiction " and " Elements of Fiction ."  Please use New Criticism to interpret your chosen short story within your essay; that is, you should offer a close reading of your chosen short story. Please cite from your chosen short story, and do not use any other additional sources in your work. Your interpretation must be at least 500 words, but no more than 750 words.

Please remember the following:

  1. Do not use the same short story you used in your initial post during week two.  I will be checking.
  2. Avoid any and all summary sites within your essay.  Please see the week two lesson for a list of these sites.  
  3. Use MLA format and citations in this essay.  See the sample essay for an example of an MLA formatted essay.
  4. Make sure your essay has a clear introduction and thesis statement (topic plus point about that topic) at the bottom of your introduction.  Please introduce your chosen short story in your introduction.
  5. Make sure your body paragraphs are focus on proving your thesis statement - theme of the story.  Do not summarize the story.  I have read the story and know it well.  I want to know your unique interpretation of this story.  
  6. Please see the following sample essay .  Note that this essay is a bit longer than what is expected, and also note that you may not write an essay using the same focus as this sample Hawthorne essay. However, this essay may help you understand the expectations for this assignment. 
  7. Make sure to have a conclusion that does not bring in new information.
  8. Use literary present and third person in your essay, as discussed in lesson two.

Submission Instructions:Please submit this through the assignments link in the classroom. This assignment is due on Sunday, by 11:55 p.m., ET.

Please save your essays under your own last name in the following format: Jones_Essay1
*use your own last name, of course.

DISCLAIMER: Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.

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