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Completeboth parts 

Part A: Post-Watergate Presidencies

Choosefive events during the 1970s from the following list.

Identifythe basic facts, dates, and purpose of the event in two to three sentences in the “Identify” column. 

Includewhy the event is significant in the “Significance” column.

Adda reference for your material in the “Reference”column. 

• The Crisis of Confidence

• Energy crisis

• The Iranian Hostage Crisis

• The Sagebrush Rebellion

• Gerald Ford

• Jimmy Carter

• Panama Canal





Part B: Pop and Media Culture of the 1970s

Option 1: Pop and Media Culture of the 1970s

Resource:“Conflict and Diversity: Hollywood’s Visions of the 1970s” through “Television and the Ascendary of the Media Culture.”

Createa five slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation on media culture and how it reflected American society in the 1970s. You may explore one of the following: movies, television shows, or music bands. 

Includefive 1970s movies, television shows, or bands and address how each of these artistic venues mirrored American culture in the 1970s. For example, if you select The Mary Tyler Moore Showyou would need to address how this show represented the modern feminist movement. Your presentation must include a written component. Usethe speaker notes section to include specific factual information and detailed descriptions of experiences, key figures, or other relevant data about your selections. 

Television Shows:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show


All in the Family

Starsky and Hutch

The Jeffersons

Good Times

Charlie’s Angels

include speaker notes with the presentation slides

Includea title slide, introductory slide, and references slides; however, these do not count towards the five- slides

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