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Teams Formed and Company Selected

1.    Identify and select a company to use for your research and assignments. Submit before Jan. 25th via Blackboard (Listing folder) the Company selected and your team members.

Your company choice is up to the team.  Links to assist in seeing what companies might be of interest and the range available research information available are included in the Blackboard Assignment folder.

Please note: teach team will select a different company ... no two or more teams should be working on the same company.  I will identify if there are any overlaps and work with each team to reach an agreeable solution.

2.    Using the “Open Systems” and “Stakeholder” perspectives as your background:

-    Review all publicly available information for your selected company: such as websites, annual reports, newspaper articles.
-    Identify all relevant Stakeholders for the selected Company.
-    Ensure that all appropriate research data is “Bookmarked” so it can be used to cross reference with your responses to assignment questions.


There are 3 parts to your Team Report work for the course.  In each, you will applying the theories, concepts and trends on the specific topics to the company you have selected to follow in this project.

1.    Part One -- Motivation theories:
Considering the different motivation theories studied and based on your team’s research, identify those motivational practices which your selected company has adopted in order to maintain a high level of productivity across its work force.
Provides a brief description of motivational practice identified (3 – 5 practices), the impact each practice it is likely to have on employees and why.

2.    Part Two -- Stakeholders:
Name and describe at least 5 key Stakeholders in your selected company.
Describe what interest each Stakeholder has in your selected Company, the impact each stakeholder could have on the company’s effectiveness.
Rank the identified stakeholders in order of their importance and provide reasons.

3.    Part Three -- Leadership: Research the following for your company’s leader:
Background, education and career; achievements to-date, including time they have been CEO of their organizations.  Based on the concepts studies and the research material on your selected CEO provide a response to the following:

a)    Power
Prepare a table showing all five sources of power and, based on your research; provide a detailed description of how each of the power sources apply to your selected CEO. Use specific research information and not general comments applicable to anyone in a leadership position. If you feel that one or more of the power sources do not apply, explain why.

b)    Influence

Refer to the nine types of influence tactics in organizations (page 201) and for each power source for your CEO, describe how that selected power source was used to influence the company and its key stakeholders (from Part Two).

c)    Communication Style:
Identify the communication style of the executive and analyze their corporate blog or microblog (e.g. Twitter) aimed for customers, employees, or the wider community. Analyze the content on the selected blog or microblog.  Please reference the blog.

i.    Who is the main intended audience of the selected blog or micro blog?
ii.    What are the main topics in recent postings/tweets about this organization?
iii.    To what extent do you think this blog/micro blog attracts the interest of its intended audience? Explain.

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