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Week 4 Quiz Part 2
Question 1The author in APA should use numerals to express the numbers 10 and above.
Question 2A level 2 heading in APA should be:
Question 3The recommended font to be used in an APA paper is:
Question 4Which of the following is the correct way to cite with a direct quote?
Question 5Based on the URL or web-address, which of the following websites would more likely contain scholarly research-based resources on heart disease?
Question 6In APA, the writer should avoid the use of back to back parentheses.
Question 7Which of the following is correct for an initial within text citation for one work by six or more authors?
Question 8In APA, a level 1 heading should appear:
Question 9Words should be used to express any number that begins a sentence, title, or text heading.
Question 10According to APA, the list of references which appear at the end of the paper is referred to as the:
Question 11A block quote in APA is a quote that contains:
Question 12In APA, it is recommended not to begin a sentence with an abbreviation.
Question 13In APA formatting, the margins should all around be:
Question 14It is permissible to present one’s own published work as new scholarship.
Question 15Which of the following is in-text citations below is correct?
Question 16When a writer uses another person’s ideas and research without citing the source of the information, this is called plagiarism.
Question 17When should the author’s first initial be included in the citation?
Question 18When paraphrasing, which of the following is the correct format for an in-text citation?
Question 19Which of the following is correct regarding the Reference list in APA?
Question 20In APA, the paper should be ________ spaced.

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