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Please write detail job duties for below job duties.

Job Duties: Job Title – “.Net Developer”

  • Develop applications using C#.net, Asp.net MVC, ORM framework like Entity Framework, LINQ and SQL Server.
  • Develop Stored Procedures, Triggers in SQL language to implement business rules and scenarios involved in deterring whether the service is healthy or not.
  • Test the functionality by accessing these entities from DAL (Data Access Layer) of the solution.
  • Using ASP.NET MVC framework to support the use of dependency injection to inject objects into a class, instead of relying on the class to create an object itself.
  • Develop pages and User Interfaces for the Heatmap reports.
  • Give interim demo of the software and tools to the client at the end of each sprints. Collect and incorporate feedbacks from the client.
  • Responsible for Timely resolution of critical production systems issues using technical and problem-solving expertise.
  • Give root cause analysis, suggest fixes, implement hot fixes, do patch releases.
  • Conduct peer code review using Code flow and Microsoft FxCop, suggest improvement areas for reusability and performance optimization.
  • Suggest feasible and scalable design solutions at applicable places.
  • Review unit test cases of developers and provide feedbacks to ensure complete code coverage and Business scenarios.
  • Following end-to-end change management process for all releases. Creating unit test cases for all releases (new enhancements/ bug fixes for the existing system), coordinating with Business teams during UAT testing.
  • Analyze and daily triaging of the defects found during unit and UAT testing, apply fixes and coordinating retest to close out all open defects.
  • Configure Automated build (continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) using CoreXT, VSO and GIT
  • Coordinate and interact with client representatives on the design, development, testing and deployment of applications.
  • Assess new technologies and tools and programming languages for the each of the new requirement/module.
  • Adapt new technologies to improve performance of the existing tools.
  • Create relevant artifacts such as Architecture, Data Model, Database design and Proof of concept development & demo to client.
  • Using SQL Server to be design the data base and to do CRUD operations on the data.
  • Consuming the WCF services to connect to the remote server and to retrieve the data from the other platforms.
  • Creating the user interface using advanced JavaScript frameworks like Angular 2, TypeScript and ES6.
  • Enhancing the existing applications by analyzing business objectives and doing modifications for the improvement.
  • Preparing the technical document for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying the information.
  • Using the TFS (Team Foundation Server) to mange the projects and tasks which has assigned and following Agile Scrum methodology.


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