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HRMD630 Recruitment and Selection
Final Exam
Read each question carefully and select the BEST answer and enter your answer in the Final Exam Answer Sheet. 
1. The correlation coefficient between a selection test and job performance is 0. This means the selection test ________.
A) perfectly predicts job performance
B) and job performance are unrelated
C) has adverse impact on job performance
D) is positively related to job performance
 2. Atlas Industries uses a test that was designed for selecting Engineers in their facility.  They have gone further to show that the test will also be valid for selecting their support staff in the engineering department.  This is an example of:
A) correlation
B) statistical significance
C) reliability
D) validity generalization
3.  How dependably or consistently a measure assesses a particular characteristic is the measure’s ________.
A) reliability
B) validity
C) standardized score
D) percentile
4.  When multiple versions of the same test are developed to deter cheating, which of the following reliabilities is used to ensure the two forms are comparable?
A) test-retest reliability
B) inter-rater reliability
C) parallel forms reliability
D) internal consistency reliability
5. The extent to which items on a given measure assess the same construct is assessed by ________.
A) test-retest reliability
B) inter-rater reliability
C) parallel forms reliability
D) internal consistency reliability
 6.  If the items on an assessment method appear to show that a high score on the test correlates with performance, then, which of the following is true?
A) The assessment method’s criterion-related validity is high.
B) The assessment method’s construct validity is high.
C) The assessment method’s face validity is high.
D) The assessment method’s content validity is high.
7. Juan is a highly qualified biomedical researcher. Having recently completed his education, he applies to work at a pharmaceutical company which is renowned for its fast-paced innovation and aggressive growth policy. Which of the following, if true, would provide for a poor person-organization fit in this case?
A) Juan is interested in applied research that is likely to produce tangible results.
B) Juan has the tendency to be process-oriented and is risk averse.
C) Juan is a team-player and works exceedingly well in lab groups.
D) Juan is interested in making numerous breakthrough discoveries in the lab.
8. Behavioral interviews are more reliable and substantially better than ________ at predicting job performance.
A) structured interviews
B) situational interviews
C) unstructured interviews
D) situational judgment tests
9. A company who wants to deliberately make an effort for continuity in leadership or other job categories should start which of the following:
A) a mentoring program
B) succession planning
C) formal job selection
D) performance evaluations
10. An applicant is given a high volume of information, which includes several memos, informal correspondence, reports, and announcements.  The applicant is required to work through the material by responding to each item presented.  This assessment center exercise is called:
A) Written case analysis
B) One-On-One Role Play
C) Leaderless Group Discussion
D) In-Basket
11. Which of the following is true of at-will employment?
A) The employer, not the employee, can terminate the employee at any time.
B) At-will employees have a definite time period of service mentioned.
C) The employer and the employee can terminate employment for any reason that is not illegal.
D) At-will employment must be designated in writing.
12. BioMd, a manufacturer of high-end medical diagnostic equipment, made a recent job offer to John Phillips.  Mr. Phillips left his employment in Seattle to accept the job at BioMd that is located in Philadelphia.  BioMd then rescinded their offer because the company determined a need to eliminate the position.  John Phillips’ best claim against BioMd would be:
A) Promissory Estoppel
B) Misrepresentation
C) Discrimination under Title VII
D) Breach of Contract
13. Processing a new employee’s employment-related paperwork, acquiring necessary keys and identification cards, and establishing an e-mail account for them is part of ________.
A) socialization
B) orientation
C) attrition
D) training
14. In the selection procedure of a firm, an applicant must obtain a minimum passing score on two different assessment methods before being allowed to continue in the hiring process. What type of assessment plan is being used?
A) multiple hurdles
B) contingent
C) supplemental
D) bona fide
15. Earlene Gibson, the HR manager of BioMd, is planning to implement a socialization program in the organization. She designs a program in which each stage of socialization is an “elimination tournament,” and a new hire is out of the organization if he or she fails. Earlene submits the program draft to the CEO for approval. Which of the following, if true, would be the strongest counterargument for the implementation of this plan?
A) BioMd has a strong R&D orientation and innovation and risk taking are the major values that the company promotes.
B) The management is intending to develop a homogeneous workforce that is highly cohesive and goal oriented.
C) One of the goals of the socialization program is to exercise more discipline and control in the organization.
D) The company is characterized by a vertical organizational structure and centralized decision making.
16. Software that allows you to maintain a database of both candidates and job information to facilitate finding matches between openings and candidates is a(n) ________.
A) applicant tracking system
B) resume screening application
C) balanced staffing scorecard
D) digital staffing dashboard
17. Which of the following is a competency required of a recruiter?
A) Uses advanced social media and marketing tools to find best active candidates.
B) Email marketing expert.
C) Networking skills.
D) Great organizer.
E) All of the above.
18. A layoff is an example of which type of turnover?
A) dysfunctional
B) voluntary
C) involuntary
D) avoidable
19. Which of the following is a direct cost of turnover?
A) Orientation and Training
B) Decreased productivity of employees
C) Advertising Costs
D) All of the above would be considered a direct cost of turnover.
20. Procedural justice refers to:
A) the perceived fair treatment of employees
B) the perceived fairness of a process
C) the perceived procedures that are used during a downsizing event
D) the effects of outcomes on affected employees
Question #1 –
This essay should incorporate many of the concepts learned throughout the semester.  It is important that you answer each part of the question thoroughly and provide the information requested.  Read the question carefully!!  This is a 20 point essay – a one-page response will not be sufficient to fully answer all the components of the question and more than 4 pages is too much.  Plan your response.
You have just signed on as the Manager of Human Resources for a large manufacturing company in the Chicago area.  Your company manufactures parts to the automotive industry such as air duct assemblies for various models of new vehicles as well as to the secondary market for these same parts.  Upon conducting an audit of HR initiatives and trying to understand the challenges you want to tackle, you find that the overall turnover rate for this company is 37%.  You have not worked in this specific industry but you feel at first glance that this number is high.  Based on this limited information that you have, lay out a strategy for addressing turnover.  You should include the following in your answer:
1.  Is the 37% turnover a cause for concern?  How would you go about finding out this information? (5 points)
2.  What additional data will you gather to learn more about the turnover in this organization?  Remember that your readings discuss different types of turnover and this should be addressed in your answer along with any benefits of turnover. (5 points)
3.  Assume that you find that the turnover is problematic.  Particularly, you discover that the turnover for non-exempt staff is 42% – well over the total turnover for the organization.  Prepare a strategy to suggest to the CEO for addressing this turnover, specifically addressing possible causes of the turnover and solutions related to those causes. You will need to think about many of the concepts we have discussed throughout this course in order to answer this question fully. (10 points)
Question #2 – 20 points- 1.25 pager
Discuss the criteria for good cutoff scores as viewed by the courts.  You should be able to state clearly what the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP) say about cutoff scores.
Question #3 – 20 points- 1.5 pager
For this question, assume you are employed as an HR consultant for a mid-sized bank.  The bank employs 200 tellers across its branches.  Review the details of the teller position as provided on O*Net (http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/43-3071.00). 
Based on this information, the bank decides that the ideal candidate for this position will possess the following factors:
1.  Have at least a high school EDUCATION (bachelor’s or associate’s degree desirable).
2.  Have EXPERIENCE as a teller or in a related field (cashier, billing clerk)
3.  Be able to perform basic MATH SKILLS related to banking (for example, count currency quickly and accurately and balance a cash drawer correctly).
4.  Be KNOWLEDGEABLE OF VERIFICATION requirements for bank transactions (for example, errors in check and proper identification to authorize transactions).
5.  Have good INTERPERSONAL SKILLS (for example, speak clearly, make good eye contact and develop rapport easily).
6.  Be MOTIVATED to work
PART 1 (10 points):  Identify which selection methods (e.g. resume, interview, test, role play exercise, reference check or personality inventory) you would recommend for each of the six factors listed above.  You can use the same selection method more than once if you believe it is appropriate for more than one factor.  Below is an example of how you might justify using an application form as an appropriate selection method for education.
1.  Education – selection method: Application Form
                Justification:  A question on the application form can ask applicants to describe their education.  This selection method makes it easy and inexpensive to obtain this information.
2.  Work Experience – selection method: _________________________________________
3.  Math Skills – selection method:  __________________________________
4.  Verification Knowledge – selection method:  __________________________________
5.  Interpersonal Skills – selection method:  ______________________________________
6.  Work Motivation – selection method:  ______________________________________
Part 2 (10 points): 
The bank collected the following data over the past five years:
Males applied = 200                        Females applied = 300
Males hired = 40                               Females hired = 45
Based on this information, the selection ratio for men is 20% (40/200), whereas the selection ratio for women is 15% (45/300).  Dividing the minority group (women) by the majority group (men) results in an answer of 75% (15%/20%).  Since the result is less than 80%, adverse impact exists.  The organization needs to explore the selection process to identify what might be the cause of this disparity.
In this part of the question – you will conduct this analysis.
The bank compiled selection data on three racial groups during the past year:  Caucasians, African Americans and Latinos.  The data is as follows:
                Number applied               Number hired
Caucasians          90           27
African Americans           50           10
Latinos  40           10
Answer the following:
a.  What are the selection ratios for each of the three groups? (2 points)
b.  Does adverse impact exist when you compare the African American applicant pool with the Caucasian applicant pool?  Show your work. (4 points)
c.  Does adverse impact exist when you compare the Latino applicant pool with the Caucasian applicant pool?  Show your work. (4 points)
Please save this file using your last name, first name (for example: Slack, Fred) and submit it within the Assignments site.
For your short answer and essay responses – carefully label the questions.

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