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1a  This new office will be tasked with managing a total of 10 ships. This will be made up of 2 fleets of 5 ships. Fleet I will be 5 bulk carriers and Fleet II will be of 5 oil tankers.
Informal Ship Management Ltd Module 11
11-10 Diploma in Ship Management
  You are tasked with identifying the office staff required to man this office. (10 marks) (100 words)
1ai  List the number of people for each job title identified. Place against them the annual salary for each job title. In some cases a job title will have mor than one person so for example you may have a fleet manager – bulk carriers and a fleet manager – oil tankers. Therefore there are are 2 Fleet Managers (This salary is what you think to be an appropriate amount and is to be presented in UD$ per month) (10 marks) (150 words)
1aii  Draw the organigram showing the relationship of the job titles so that the operation of the company can be identified (20 marks) (no word count)
1aiii I dentify where the company office will be located. (You have a choice of 3 locations only and must choose one of these and nowhere else) (5 marks) (20 words)
1aiv I dentify the cost of the office per year using the cost per square foot per year and using 100 square foot per person employed. In addition, you must include the additional costs of running an office and apply these accordingly to your answer. (5 marks) (20 words)
TASK 2 Crew Costs
2a  Identify the crew number for each ship type. Identify the ranks required and the number of persons per rank for each ship type. (20 marks) (no word count)
2ai  Against each rank identify the nationality, the monthly salary required and any other additional costs incurred. There will be two sets of crew and costs one each for Fleet I and Fleet II. (20 marks) (No word count)
2aii T anker tour of duty is normally less than that for bulk carriers and salaries are higher. Supply an answer if you will continue this difference or what you intend to do for the crews on your ships. (10 marks) (100 words)
TASK 3 Management Fees
3a  You can only have one office at one site. You cannot sub-contract out and all business for the company will be carried out in house.
  This will affect the number of persons employed in the office and the diversity of the staff.
  State the working language of the company and the language used for the documentation (5 marks) (50 words)
3ai  Using the table provided in the appendices, identify the services that you will supply. (5 marks) (50 words)
3aii F rom the table supplied above you will then identify the management fees that you can generate per ship per month and then per year. (20 marks) (100 words)
Module 11 Informal Ship Management Ltd
Diploma in Ship Management 11-11
3aiii F rom the annual figure that you will generate from the table above, subtract the cost of the office rental; the office staff costs and the crew costs and identify whether you are in profit or experiencing a loss. (10 marks) (150 words)
  Supply a short explanation of where the company is and the changes that will be required to either increase profit or reduce loss. (10 marks) (150 words)
TASK 4 Report to the Board of ISM Ltd
4a  From your findings in the previous tasks prepare a formal document for presentation to the Board of ISM Ltd.
  Remember this is a document that the Board will make a final decision on whether this project will go ahead and whether it is viable or not. (50 marks)

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