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Quiz 01: MAR3023: Principles of Marketing 
Question 4The development of regional marketing plans was the result of:
recognition of geographic differences in product preferences.
Quiz 01: MAR3023: Principles of Marketing2 of 6
5/19/2014 7:11 PM
Text page 72.
A) Developing regional marketing plans has nothing to do with savingadvertising costs. Creating regional marketing plans could be more expensive than onenational plan.
B) Interstate business barriers had nothing to do with the development ofregional marketing plans.
C) Creating regional marketing plans came from the realizationthat consumers in different places had different preferences. Changes in corporate structuredid not result in this realization.
D) Regional marketing is developing marketing plans toreflect specific area differences in taste preferences, perceived needs, or interests.
E)International marketers did not influence the development of regional marketing plans.
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Question 5 Jaime goes to the supermarket to buy lotion. She always buys the same brand, so she knows exactlywhat the bottle looks like. Jaime is in a hurry, so she grabs what she thinks is her usual lotion andchecks out. When she returns home, she notices that the brand name of the lotion is different fromher usual one and in fact realizes she has purchased a “no-name” brand that looks like her usualbrand. Which federal law has the no-name brand manufacturer most likely violated?
Lanham Act
Consumer Protection Regulatory Act You
page 12.
A) The Clayton Act is a law that forbids certain actions that are likely tolessen competition (create monopolies), although no actual harm has yet occurred.
B) TheLanham Act is a law that provides for registration of a company’s trademarks. It is atrademark and packaging protection law that is designed to protect both companies andconsumers. The no-name brand has probably violated this act by copying the name brandspackaging.
C) The Sherman Anti-trust Act is a law that forbids (1) contracts, combinations,or conspiracies in restraint of trade and (2) actual monopolies or attempts to monopolizeany part of trade or commerce. D) The Robinson-Patman Act is an act that makes itunlawful to discriminate in prices charged to different purchasers of the same product,where the effect may substantially lessen competition or help to create a monopoly.
E) Thisis a made up law.
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Question 6Today, more companies are beginning to assume greater social responsibility. For example, somecompanies like Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks only use recycled paper in their packaging. The actionsby these companies illustrate which recent trend?

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