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Need help with 16 Psychology questions. At least  300-350 words of ORIGINAL THOUGHT for each of the 16 questions in the attached document.
Please DO NOT just copy and paste from the Internet. HEALTH PSYCH QUESTIONS:

1. Provide a description of the Stanford
Prison Experiment and explain how it was harmful to the research subjects.
2. Explain the
similarities and differences between anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating
3. Explain the
role of health psychologists in HIV testing and prevention.
4. Discuss the
similarities and differences between single-payer and multi-payer health


1. Explain what
is involved in organizational downsizing, and the consequences of downsizing.
2. Describe
McClelland’s achievement motivation theory. How does the theory measure individual
3. Describe the
Porter-Lawler model of job satisfaction and how it relates to performance.
4. List and
describe Hofstede’s five dimensions of organizational culture.


1. Compare and
contrast the philosophies of John Locke and Charles Darwin as they apply to
developmental theory.
2. Clarify some
of the advantages and disadvantages of growing up in a bilingual household.
3. Explain the
nature of personality disorders. Name two personality disorders and describe
their symptoms.
4. How does
attendance at religious services correlate with health? Explain the possible


1. How was
Jung’s understanding of the unconscious different from that of Freud?
2. Select one
of Erikson’s first four stages of development. What crisis occurs at that
stage? What ego strength develops? How does culture support that ego strength?
3. Explain
Skinner’s objection to mentalistic ideas such as “intention.”
4. List and
explain the three major conditions for effective therapy, according to Rogers.

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