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1. Avoid loans at all costs during the initail rounds. These will weigh your company down in later rounds and destroy your future margins.
2. Release products in low tech segments such that they form a horizontal perceptual map of high tech and low tech products. Ideally, one product should be launched before year 3 and 2 after that.
3. Low tech products launched initially would move to low tech segments. Keep revising old products to hold market share
4. Production automation – AVOID!!! this is a waste of money because the simulation does not allow for a long enough time period to offset the costs of further automation
5. Target 75% awareness, this will provide you with the greatest cost to awareness ratio, andthe additional awareness will not benefit you adequately.
Round when the product is launched – 900
Subsequent rounds till awareness reaches 75% – 1200
After awareness reaches 75% – 1800 to maintain dominanceTarget 75% accessibility and keep spending on sales till you reach this stage. The spending could follow thisRound when the product is launched – 3000Subsequent rounds till awareness reaches 75% – 3500After acessibility reaches 75% -3000 to maintain 75%
6. 1500-1800 is the maximum market share for a product in a competitive market.
7. Sales forecast can be determined by taking the total of potentials for each segment of your product * 2 (this is the secret to winning because you cannot underrate the amount of product that you will sell. It will hinder you in early rounds and you will not be able to catch up)
8. Give dividends immediately, this will keep shareholders happy and provide you a positive boost to your initial stock prices which will allow it to be sold for a high price.
9. Whenever cash available, give additional dividends. These are key to getting a high score on this simulation.
10. At each round, keep an eye on Balanced score card proforma. Your target in each round can be
Rounds 1-3 : 40+
Rounds 4-6: 70+
Rounds 7-8: 85+
I cannot stress the above more. Whether you follow my strategies or not, you NEED to read
the team member guidebecause it provides you with invaluable information. A lot of capsim can be applied to real life business. Since you WILL need to learn those things, you may as well start now.
1)R&DR&D is the backbone of your company. Whatever strategies you use, you need to R&D something every year. If you’re ever not R&Ding something, then you’re doing something wrong.
First of all, do NOT R&D your products according to the Capstone Courier.Why? Because Capstone Courier gives you the data for LAST YEAR’s products. If you follow it, then your products are outdated. You should R&D the products to its ideal spots 1 or 2 year in advance, according to several factors.
Invent new products in the least competitivesegment. This is self-explanatory. At Round 1 or 2 you may not know which segment is the least competitive, but by Round 3 you should be able to with the help of Courier. The more products you have earlier, the greater advantage you’ll be in in the future.

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