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Week 1

Psychological Research (graded)

The text gives seven major perspectives in modern
psychology (Study Organizer 1.1). These perspectives are based on observations
of how people think, feel, and act. Select a perspective that you think best
explains human behavior and evaluate it for strengths and weaknesses.

Biological Foundations (graded)

An on-going debate continues on the influence of
nature and nurture on human behavior. If you had to argue that either genetics
(nature) or environment (nurture) has the greater impact on human development,
which would you pick, and why?

Week 2 discussions

Stress (graded)

We are exploring the nature of
stress, its effect on human functioning, and techniques to minimize stress.
What is the biggest source of stress you have in your life? What is the most
effective technique you have used to handle it?

Sensation and Perception (graded)

Sensation and perception are two different
processes. Does sensory stimulus shape our perceptions? Do our perceptions
misinterpret our sensations? How does that happen?

Week 3 discussions

Learning (graded)

After you have read about the
theories of learning, reflect on how you learned as a child? What methods did
your parents use to teach you how to act? Was it through classical
conditioning? What about operant conditioning and social learning theory? Which
theory had the biggest impact? Why? Give an example and state how it has
impacted the person you are today.

Memory (graded)

We all seem to want a good memory.
(What are my co-workers names? Where did I leave my computer? What day was I
supposed to submit that proposal to my boss?) might be typical memory issues.
After reading about memory, what is your most valuable tip for the class on
improving your ability to remember things?

Week 4 discussions

Physical and Cognitive Development

Human development is a process in
which there are various milestones from conception to death all of which
require mastery. In terms of an individual’s healthy physical functioning, is
the period of prenatal developmental more critical than any other stage of
development? If you answered yes, what makes it most critical? If you pick
another stage, for example, adolescence, what makes that most critical?

Social Development(graded)

On pages 264–265 in the textbook, you can find Erik
Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development. Each of these stages comes
with a corresponding psychosocial challenge. In stage 1, for example, the
challenge is that of trust versus mistrust. While all of these challenges must
be met and overcome, which one of the challenges do you think is the most
difficult for an individual to successfully resolve? Please explain the reasons
for your choice and supply supporting data for your opinion.

Week 5 discussions

Motivation and Emotion (graded)

From your reading you have seen that there are
several theories of motivation. You may also sense that some of the theories
may not specifically apply to you. Given that introduction, which theory of
motivation is the best fit for describing your behavior?

Personality (graded)

Theories of personality are based on observations
of how humans develop behavior patterns. Psychological testing assumes there
are certain fixed aspects of human personality and those aspects can be
identified through standardized measurements. As part of your application for a
position, you may be administered one of these tests to determine if you are a
good fit for the company. The Big Five personality trait assessment is in your
Webliography. Take this assessment and comment on (1) its accuracy for you; and
(2) which of those traits may change over time?

This section lists options that
can be used to view responses.

Week 6 discuccn

Psychological Disorders (graded)

Despite the best efforts of
psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical researchers, psychological disorders
appear to be as prevalent today as they ever were—if not more so. What might be the cause of this
phenomenon? Inadequate genetic makeup? Inadequate parenting? Inadequate social
structures? What is different in our culture today than in previous
generations? Please provide support for your opinion.

Therapy (graded)

At some point in your life you may think you need
therapy. At some point in your life you may think a co-worker or a family
member needs therapy. Should you find yourself in that situation, which type of
therapy would you recommend for another person or yourself: psychoanalysis,
cognitive, humanistic, group, behavioral, or biomedical (medication and/or
surgery)? Why? (If you would recommend no treatment for yourself or a coworker,
please explain your rationale for doing that.)

Week 7 discussions

States of Consciousness (graded)

How important is sleep to your overall functioning
throughout the day? What are you doing to ensure that you get a good
night’s sleep?

This section lists options that
can be used to view responses.

Social Psychology

Why is it that some people will blame others for
their misfortunes yet excuse themselves of responsibility when they fail? Do
you do that too? What can be done to avoid the fundamental attribution error
and the self-serving bias?

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