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Paper 1 – Philosophy of Nursing Personal beliefs. Describe your values and beliefs about nursing. You may use “I believe…” statements that include your:

Paper 1 –    Philosophy of Nursing 

Personal beliefs.

Describe your values and   beliefs about nursing. You may use “I   believe…” statements that include  your:

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· Definition of nursing. (10pts)

· Assumptions (beliefs) about the interrelationships   among: (10pts)

o clients (Who are they?),

o health (What is it?),

o nursing (What is it?) and

o environment (Where is nursing practiced?).

· Beliefs about the profession of nursing. (10pts)

· Significance of collaboration with other health   professionals. (10pts)

Nursing as a career. Demonstrate that you have given thought to your   career and explain the rationale for your decision.

· Inspiration from the past. (Who or what?)

· Define professional   goals.

· Identify   roles and responsibilities to advance the profession of nursing.

· How you   will provide safe, effective care?

· How your   academic preparation will facilitate your positive contributions to the   health care system?

· Spelling, grammar, sentence   structure, neatness, organization

· No more than 2 pages   (excluding title page or  optional references), double-spaced, 12 point   font, 1” margins, APA format.

Paper 2 – Values and Empathy paper

Please respond to the two Scenarios in this paper (See the Answer format attached).     Scenario 1: You are a new  nursing student who has been hospitalized for injuries following a major car accident. Earlier today you were told the fracture in your right leg will require complicated surgery to repair and extensive rehab to recover. There is a question as to whether you will ever regain full use of your leg. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Tonight you are alone in your hospital room and the night nurse has just entered. What are your concerns when you reflect on this personal patient experience? What will your experience be like?  Scenario 2: You realize that you share a different values system from the nurse. You reflect that this might be challenging for you as a  nurse someday. These values might be due to differences in lifestyle, cultural background, belief system, or attitudes about health care. Reflect on your own values and identify a personal value/belief that may become a conflict for you in delivering quality patient care.


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