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Domain 2 - The Classroom Environment


Domain 2: Classroom Environment

Teachers who excel consider each student individually--the student's own interests, concerns, and intellectual potential. The components in this domain consist of many of the non-instructional interactions that occur in the classroom such as:

Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
Establishing a Culture for Learning
Managing Classroom Procedures
Managing Student Behavior
Organizing Physical Space

Reading One:

Read the linked articles on physical space in the classroom below.  You will use these to answer your response questions, assignments. and reflection essay.





Reading Two:

Read the linked article on managing behavior and creating a culture for learning below.  You will use this to answer your response questions, assignments, and reflection essay.


Videos and Media

Video One:

This is a video on elementary classroom setup


Video Two:

This is a video on effective daily routine in elementary setting.


Video Three:

This is a video on managing classroom transitions .


Video Four:

This is a video on keeping attention in the classroom.


Video Five:

This is a video on how to keep the attention alive through physical release .


Video Six:

This is a video on classroom management strategies for new teachers .MUST!


Response Questions - COMPLETE

Response Question One: Classroom Management Model (Write 200 words)

What elements or techniques do you currently implement in your classroom management model that you find work well? Discuss why you think these methods are successful. Attach your response here or upload a word document using your last name as an identifier.

Response Question Two:  Cultures for Learning (Write 200 words)

What are you and your school doing to establish both classroom and schoolwide cultures for learning?  What particular issues does your school's demographics present in promoting a culture for learning, and what do you feel can be done to address those issues? Attach your response here or upload a word document using your last name as an identifier.

Assignments - COMPLETE

Assignment One:

Using Domain 2, "The Classroom Environment," write a one-page reflection on one component of the domain ( organizing physical space, (there is so much paper to keep up with) that you are having issues addressing in your own classroom, and what steps you are taking and have taken to address those issues. Attach your response here or upload a word document using your last name as an identifier. 

Assignment Two:

Look through the four attached behavior contracts below. Choose one that you find either useful or interesting.  Write a one-page summary of its merits and issues as compared to the other formats. Please be sure to review the practicality of implementation, as well as the desired results from instituting such a contract. Attach your response here or upload a word document using your last name as an identifier. (USE BEHAVIOR CONATRACT #1)






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