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Part 1:

My topic will be a TV program, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a show that the main character, Sabrina, is an advocate for women’s rights. Sabrina is a young feminist who, at a tender age, learns that Suzy is bullied by guys from a soccer team who intends to prove she is a ‘girl.’ Sabrina forms a club for young women to discuss issues and come up with solutions to bullying in her school. Also, the show brings out the importance of a free will, where Sabrina chooses whether or not to attend church at night or stay out. The theme of bullying is present in the TV show. I chose this topic because it portrays life experiences in modern society. Women need to be empowered. Also, people need to come together to discuss issues affecting them and create solutions to the problems. People’s choices should be respected as long as they do not negatively affect others. Thus, in this topic, I will evaluate the importance of women empowerment, and importance of free will.
Based on this topic to write the following things.

Create a topic + comment thesis
Construct evaluation criteria
Find sources
Give and receive feedback


Please make sure that you have completed the readings for this week on thesis statements and quote sandwiches.
Write a topic + comment thesis for your essay.
Brainstorm three criteria for your essay (basically what each body paragraph will be about)
List 2 sources you plan on using for your essay.

THESIS REQUIREMENT: Concession + Topic + Comment
Example: Even though Batman does not have superpowers, he can beat Superman because he is smart enough to discover Supermanâ€s weaknesses.
Thesis Location & Length

Should be the last sentence in your introduction.
1-2 sentences

Other Important Requirements

Specific enough so that readers understand your subject.
Must be an argument (opinion!)
Use third person (no I!)
Make sure it a statement, not a question.

Part 2:

Please reply to two of your classmates that have few or now posts in approximately 25 words each. Give feedback on: thesis statement, criteria, and sources.
1. – The thesis statement: Inside Out is an attractive movie for people to watch because it has valuable aspects.
– The criteria of each body paragraph:
+ The first paragraph: Inside Outâ€s has a creative plot

The new idea of the plot: To specifically describe peopleâ€s emotional world.
Riley has five characters who represent five emotions of people in her head: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger.
To focus on explain how five emotions affect to peopleâ€s personalities and relationships.

+ The second paragraph: The movie brings positive messages to the audience

Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger are necessary and essential emotions of people.
Five emotions build up the abundance of peopleâ€s emotional world.
People cannot lack any emotions.

+ The third paragraph: The movie makes people sympathetic.

To succeed in describing the complex struggle of peopleâ€s emotions.
People can see themselves in every character: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger.
People undergo Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger.

– 3 sources:
+ rogerebert.com
+ imdb.com
+ rottentomatoes.com

2. Thesis statement :
Acquiring a preschool teacher job is feasible because of less educational qualification; however there is a high turnover rate because of tiresome experiences compared to the minimum wage provided.
Criteria 1: Enormous responsibility in taking care of the children’s health and safety, fulfill their needs, comply with licensing, supervision, satisfy parents requirements.
Criteria 2: Heavy workload such as planning and executing the curriculum of children’s need and interest, keep the surrounding clean, taking them to restroom, make the cots for nap, make them sleep, supervise all the time, interact with them, sing, dance, play with them.
Criteria 3: The salary of a preschool teacher ranges from $14 to $20 per hour depending on the educational qualification and experience. Comparison of the wage with other minimum wage jobs. High turn over in the field because of wage. Low quality education to children if the teacher is not passionate.
Sources: Interview from a preschool teacher, Indeed.com, glassdoor, U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics.
This assignment will be graded on completion of all the elements.
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