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answer the fllowing questions by looking the answers up

it relates to nursing research-


Define these important terms:



    1. Bracketing
    2. Ethnonursing
    3. Field work
    4. Hermeneutics
    5. Narrative analysis
    6. Participant observation
    7. Purposive sampling
    8. Semi-structured interview
    9. Snowball sampling
    10. Unstructured interview
    11. Credibility
    12. Dependability
    13. Researcher credibility
    14. Transferability
    15. Triangulation



  1.  Identify the major traditions for qualitative research.


  2.   What are the main features of


    1. Ethnographic studies


    2. Phenomenologic studies


    3. Grounded theory studies


  1.  Describe the  sampling techniques in qualitative and quantitative studies.


  1.  Find a qualitative study in nursing .  What do you notice about the report by the researchers?
    1. Title of study


    2. Authors:  note why are they in the order in which they appear in the author list?


    3. Methods


    4. Data interpretation


    5. Reporting style


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