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Environmental Proposal and Presentation

In preparation for
this assignment, use this link on the Week Five Course Web page to assess
information on the different virtual organizations. Select one of the virtual
organizations as the basis for this proposal. Be sure to obtain your
instructor’s approval of your selection prior to beginning this assignment.
Prepare a 1,400 to 1,750-word
paper in which you utilize organizational psychology concepts to make
recommendations to improve the environment within your selected virtual organization.
Be sure to address the following items in
your paper:
Recommend at least two strategies to
create alliances between your selected virtual organization and its networked
internal and external stakeholders.
Explain how the differences between
leadership and management affect networking within your selected virtual
Propose an environment that is supportive
of team functioning and learning and that allows for sustainable innovation and
creativity within your selected virtual organization. Be sure to include the
rationale for your proposal.
Preparea 10 to 15 minute oral
presentation accompanied by 10 to 12 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides illustrating
your Environment Proposal. Online Campus students will submit 10 to 12 slide
Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with presenter notes.

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