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Question 51 1 / 1 pointMax, an early researcher in psychology, was interested in how the mind worked. He attempted to break experiences down into its component parts. Max was most likely a:Question options:a) structuralist.b) behaviorist.c) psychoanalyst.d) functionalist.
Question52 1 / 1 pointEmil Kraepelin was the first to describe “dementia praecox,” the mental disorder now known as _____________.Question options:a) major depressive disorderb) bipolar disorderc) Munchausen’s syndromed) schizophrenia
Question 53 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following fields is considered a “parent” of the discipline of psychology?Question options:a) Philosophyb) Literaturec) Chemistryd) Physics
Question 54 1 / 1 pointIn the 1870s the first laboratories in psychology were opened in _____________.Question options:a) Germanyb) Austriac) the United Statesd) China
Question 55 1 / 1 pointJulie is a psychologist and she is conducting research on the effect of talking on a hands-free cell phone while driving. Based on this information we can say that Julie is a(n) ______________ psychologist.Question options:a) developmentalb) evolutionaryc) cognitived) educational
Question 56 1 / 1 pointAccording to evolutionary psychology, language and science are examples of _____________.Question options:a) softwiringb) by-products of adaptationc) chance mutationsd) natural selection
Question 57 1 / 1 pointAccording to the view of mind-body dualism:Question options:a) the mind and the body refer to the same entity.b) the mind controls the body.c) the soul is the confluence of mind and body.d) the mind and the body are controlled by our genetic makeup.
Question 58 1 / 1 point______________ philosophy emphasizes the interdependence of body and mind.Question options:a) Easternb) Gestaltc) Developmentald) ClinicalQuestion 59 1 / 1 pointThe point of view that human behavior is solely the result of ______________ appears to be a very Western, very North American idea.Question options:a) natureb) inborn tendenciesc) nurtured) geneticsQuestion 60 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following topics is most likely to be studied by a developmental psychologist?Question options:a) Are people who interact extensively with other people via Facebook more or less outgoing than those who do not?b) What is the effect of gender on interest and participation in social networking sites?c) What is the effect of talking on a hands-free cell phone while driving?d) How much of people’s personality is reflected in their Facebook profiles?
Question 61 1 / 1 pointMore than just about any other area of psychology, ______________ psychology lends itself to a rich set of research questions regarding electronic interactions.Question options:a) cognitiveb) positivec) sociald) clinicalQuestion 62 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following is true about behavioral measures?Question options:a) Behavioral measures provide more objective measurements because they come from a trained outside observer.b) Behavioral measures are not very time-intensive.c) Behavioral measures are more susceptible to social desirability bias than are self-report measures.d) Under this measure, people cannot modify their behavior even if they know they are being observed.Question 63 1 / 1 pointJessica wants to conduct a study about differences in jealousy between men and women. She asks 400 college men and women a series of questions about hypothetical scenarios of partner infidelity.What is Jessica’s sample?Question options:a) Women in the collegeb) The 400 college men and women chosenc) Men and women in the United Statesd) Men in the United States
Question 64 1 / 1 pointThe advantage of naturalistic observation is:Question options:a) it is easy to administer to large numbers of participants.b) it allows the researcher to ask people directly or indirectly what they think, feel, or have done.c) it gives researchers a look at real behavior in the real world.d) it allows the psychologist to control the conditions and demonstrate cause-and-effect relationships between variables.Question 64 1 / 1 pointThe major limitation of the correlational approach is:Question options:a) it influences the behavior of the participants via the experimenter’s knowledge of who is in which condition.b) it does not establish whether one variable actually causes the other or vice versa.c) people do not always accurately report their true thoughts or feelings.d) the probability of social desirability bias is extreme.
Question 65 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following indicates the magnitude and the direction of the relationship between two variables?Question options:a) An experimentb) Confounding variablesc) A random assignmentd) Correlation coefficientsQuestion 66 1 / 1 pointDr. Bischer is conducting a study to determine if men who wear a new type of soccer uniform made from a specially designed fabric will perform better in soccer matches. She recruits a professional soccer team to participate. She randomly assigns half of the men to wear the new-material uniforms made in the color blue and the other half to wear old-material uniforms made in the color red. Although the men know of the uniform test, they are not told which of the uniforms is made from the new material. They are asked to wear their assigned uniforms and score as many goals as possible in a practice game against one another. Dr. Bischer is noting the number of goals scored. Ultimately, the men who are wearing the old uniforms score more goals and therefore win the game. Dr. Bischer speculates that the new uniforms are not more beneficial to performance than the old uniforms, but she will rerun her study a few more times.What is the independent variable in Dr. Bischer’s study?Question options:a) The men who did not know their roles in the studyb) The type of uniform worn—old or new materialc) The number of goals scoredd) Trying to score as many goals as possible
Question 67 1 / 1 pointIn a study on sugar consumption and activity level, an artificial sweetener would be an appropriate ____________.Question options:a) pseudoscopeb) noceboc) ipsatived) placeboQuestion 68 1 / 1 pointA graph of frequency scores is known as a ____________.Question options:a) correlationb) contingency tablec) distributiond) tabulationQuestion 69 1 / 1 point5% is the most frequent choice made by psychological researchers and is referred to as the ____________.Question options:a) statistical inferenceb) probability-levelc) varianced) standard deviation
Question 70 1 / 1 pointThe ____________ is calculated by adding all the numbers together and dividing by the number of scores in the series.Question options:a) standard deviationb) meanc) mediand) modeQuestion 71 1 / 1 pointThe feeling of being in love is attributed to:Question options:a) subjective consciousness.b) objective consciousness.c) psychic consciousness.d) intelligence.
Question 72 1 / 1 pointThe limited capacity to process information that is under conscious control refers to:Question options:a) encoding.b) reasoning.c) chunking.d) attention.
Question 73 1 / 1 pointSusanne is in an unresponsive condition though she can open her eyes. This suggests that she is in a ________ state.Question options:a) hemiplegicb) quadriplegicc) vegetatived) catatonic
Question 74 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following tests is used to study sustained attention?Question options:a) Raven’s Progressive Matrices Testb) Stanford-Binet Testc) Continuous Performance Test (CPT)d) Stroop Test
Question 75 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following is true?Question options:a) The less hippocampal activation shown during high-wave sleep, the worse the person performs on the task the next day.b) The more hippocampal activation shown during high-wave sleep, the better the person performs on the task the next day.c) The more hippocampal activation shown during slow-wave sleep, the better the person performs on the task the next day.d) The more hippocampal activation shown during slow-wave sleep, the worse the person performs on the task the next day.
Question 76 1 / 1 pointEEG studies of people suffering from narcolepsy reveal:Question options:a) protracted REM sleeping patterns.b) absence of sleep spindles.c) abnormality in sleep spindles.d) normal REM sleeping patterns.
Question 77 1 / 1 pointWhy are women more likely to be affected by insomnia?Question options:a) They are more prone to sleep less than two to four hours a day for two weeks or more.b) Women are more likely to consume alcohol.c) They are less likely to cope with medical conditions.d) They are more likely to be iron deficient.
Question 78 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following holds true with regard to hypnosis?Question options:a) Hypnotized people are in reality awake.b) Hypnotized people have voluntary control over their own behavior.c) Hypnotized people are in reality asleep.d) Hypnotized people retain critical faculties of mind.
Question 79 1 / 1 pointWhat did research by neuroscientist Amir Raz and colleagues reveal?Question options:a) Highly hypnotizable people had more activity in the areas of the brain that normally process word meaningb) Less hypnotizable people were able to suppress the Stroop effectc) Highly hypnotizable people had less activity in the areas of the brain that normally process word meaningd) Both the highly hypnotizable and less hypnotizable people could remain resistant and show the same activity in the areas of the brain that normally process word meaning,
Question 80 1 / 1 pointA synthesized form of the derivative of the grain fungus ergot is:Question options:a) cocaine.b) LSD.c) marijuana.d) ecstasy.
Question 81 1 / 1 pointThe legally permitted limit for the amount of alcohol consumption in the United States is ________ BAC.Question options:a) 0.1b) 0.08c) 0.05d) 0.03
Question 82 1 / 1 pointIf one hires a mathematician to change tires, what is the employer doing?Question options:a) Promoting one’s strengthsb) Giving them a projective testc) Not harnessing one’s strengthsd) Encouraging one’s organizational citizenshipQuestion 83 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following is true as it relates IQ tests and selecting employees.Question options:a) IQ tests are strong predictors of job satisfactionb) IQ tests are best used to predict employee productivity in highly specialized jobs like medical personnel, military, and private industryc) IQ tests are good for predicting the productivity of employees who require considerable time to learn job skillsd) IQ tests are strong predictors of employee productivity in jobs requiring little skillQuestion 84 1 / 1 pointWhen employees are appraised positively for friendliness and not on work productivity, it is safe to say the appraisal contains this type of bias?Question options:a) Leniency biasb) Halo biasc) Severity biasd) Recency biasQuestion 85 1 / 1 pointPenny has advanced social skills, is highly optimistic about her future, and a very attractive young lady. What profession does she have a chance of being successful?Question options:a) Dentistryb) College professorc) Militaryd) Entrepreneur
Question 86 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following is a behavioral approach to conserving natural resources?Question options:a) Reducing one’s gas bill for conservation practicesb) Giving one a cash rebate for buying an auto hybridc) Getting paid for recycling aluminum cans and bottlesd) All of the aboveQuestion 87 1 / 1 pointDefendants who have which of the following are at greater risk of being convicted, independent of the factors of the case.Question options:a) Minority ethnic group statsb) Blue collar workerc) Uneducatedd) All of the aboveQuestion 88 1 / 1 pointMany prehistoric cultures had ______________ that treated mental disorders by performing rituals to drive out the evil spirits that were thought to be the causes of such disorders.Question options:a) shamansb) laggardsc) huntersd) chiefsView FeedbackQuestion 89 1 / 1 pointQuestion options:a) examines how thought and behavior change and show stability across the life span.b) considers what makes people unique as well as the consistencies in people’s behavior across time and situations.c) focuses on the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.d) considers how the real or imagined presence of others influences thought, feeling, and behavior.Question 90 1 / 1 pointCommon sense, rather than the scientific method, is used by:Question options:a) folk psychologists.b) clinical psychologists.c) research psychologists.d) social psychologists.Question 91 1 / 1 pointDevelopmental psychology explores:Question options:a) how we perceive information, how we learn and remember, how we acquire and use language, and how we solve problems.b) the links among brain, mind, and behavior.c) the relationship between bodily systems and chemicals and their relationship to behavior and thought.d) how thought and behavior change and show stability across the life span.Question 92 1 / 1 pointPsychology is most accurately defined as the _____________.Question options:a) study of people in terms of large-scale social forces and with a focus on groups rather than individualsb) scientific study of human culture and originsc) scientific study of thought and behavior . d) study of people through description and analysis of past events and artifactsQuestion 93 1 / 1 pointPsychoanalysis assumes that the unconscious blocking, or repression, of disturbing thoughts and impulses—especially ______________ impulses—is at the heart of all maladaptive adult behavior.Question options:a) sexual and aggressiveb) illogical and depressivec) depressive and unethicald) aggressive and unethicalQuestion 94 1 / 1 point______________ psychologists strive to understand people who are psychologically healthy, happy, and compassionate.Question options:a) Cognitiveb) Developmentalc) Clinicald) PositiveView FeedbackQuestion 95 1 / 1 pointWhat modern view of psychological disorders developed at the end of the 1800s?Question options:a) Psychological disorders have an underlying physical cause and thus should be treated by physical means.b) Psychological disorders are actually thought disorders, rather than instances of spirit possession caused by witchcraft.c) Psychological disorders are mood disorders and should be treated by psychoanalysis.d) Psychological disorders are a form of illness that should be diagnosed and treated.Question 96 1 / 1 pointIn which of the following approaches to psychology was introspection the primary research method used to understand thoughts and behavior?Question options:a) Psychophysicsb) Structuralismc) Empiricismd) BehaviorismQuestion 97 1 / 1 pointWhich of the following terms refers to inherited solutions to ancestral problems that have been naturally selected because they directly contribute in some way to reproductive success?Question options:a) Circular logrollingb) Differential selectionc) Adaptationd) SatisficingQuestion 98 1 / 1 pointAs compared to babies of uninfected mothers, babies whose mothers fought off infectious diseases when they were pregnant were _____________.Question options:a) less likely to engage in peer conflicts as childrenb) more likely to develop schizophreniac) less likely to develop major a depressive disorderd) more likely to develop advanced language skillsQuestion 99 1 / 1 pointAccording to the nature-only view, who we are comes from:Question options:a) environmental forces.b) introspection and analysis.c) our experiences.d) inborn tendencies and genetically based traits.Question 100 1 / 1 pointIn psychology, the idea that the mind and the body are separate entities is referred to as:Question options:a) nature through nurture.b) mind-body dualism.c) evolutionary theory.d) cogito ergo sum.

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