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Describe in your own words what it is to be a transformational and servant leader. ·      Appy these leadership concept

The purpose of this assignment is for you to :

·       Demonstrate you have read and understand the chapters on Transformational Leadershipand Servant Leadership.

·       Describe in your own words what it is to be a transformational and servant leader.

·       Appy these leadership concepts to your personal experience.


Part 1: Introduction

1.      Introduce the topic.

2.      In your own words, define transformational leadership.

3.      In your own words, define servant leadership.

4.      Introduce the leader from Quick Write # 1 in Unit 1.

·       Who are they?

·       How do you know them?  What is your relationship to them?

·       What do they lead?


Part 2:  Transformational or Servant Leader:


A.     Reflect back on the leader you wrote about admired in Quick Write #1 in Unit 1. 

Remember it must be someone you personally know


B.     Think about their leadership and decide whether you think they exhibited more


·       Transformational Leadership qualities or Servant Leadership qualities.

·       Maybe they have a bit of both. 


C.       Describe why you think they are a Transformational Leader or a Servant leader or both?

·       Which characteristics do they possess?


D.     Describe an example of something they did or said that exhibited each of those characteristics you identified.  

E.      Do you see any of their characteristics in yourself?


Part 3:  Finish with a conclusion:


1)     Assignment Guidelines

       Minimum 2 pages, double-spaced.

       Must be APA 7 Style including title page (see https://allaplusessays.com/order )

       Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text.

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