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Collect a variety of 6-12 sources in 5+ full pages single spaced on your research paper topic.  

  • Common core writing
  • Collaborative theories of composition
  • Teaching handwriting
  • Credibility in news writing
  • Importance of grammar in writing (or not)
  • Genre writing (mystery, romance, etc.)
  • Creative writing and mental well-being
  • Writing in prisons
  • Effect of "fake news" on media trustworthiness
  • Writing with inner-city children
  • Writing in senior facilities
  • Writing through grief You might not use all of them in your paper, but you will have a wealth of information to work and learn from. 

You may include:  reliable internet sources, interviews, books, scholarly journal articles, magazine articles, and newspaper articles. In addition, you can even include movies, documentaries, TV shows, radio segments, podcasts, surveys/polls, TED talks, etc. that are relevant to your argument. 

You may NOT include: Wikipedia, unreliable internet sources, encyclopedias, dictionaries. 

 write about why you, your peers, me, and other people should care about your topic. Why does it matter?  

How: Take notes on each of your sources by typing (single space). Include the  MLA citation for your source as well. 

Go through the text. It’s ok to skim (read the whole thing quickly) or scan (drill in for specific information, i.e. use the index). When you find something relevant or interesting type it or write it down like this:

Page          Information

27              QUOTE:"Instead of teaching finished writing, we should teach unfinished writing, and glory in its unfinishedness" (33).

167            SUMMARY:Post-process theory requires the individual to redefine his or her definition of writing; writing is not to be examined as strictly knowledge based, rather as an activity that requires dialogic collaboration. (NO phrases should be taken directly without quoting!)

46              PARAPHRASE:According to Peter Elbow, most academics tend to become obsessed with one method of approaching new texts and ideas: critically approaching a text, known as the doubting game, or projecting yourself into a writer's point of view, known as the believing game.

354            PARAPHRASE:When you are writing something down with a pen and paper, you are stimulating a collection of cells in the base of your brain known as the reticular activating system (Elbow). 

MINE         You may get a great idea and want to write it down. Be sure to mark your writing clearly.

Your entries will vary in length depending on how helpful they are. But your bundle will be of a significant length ( about 1/2+ page persource with some sources having many quotes and some having just a few).

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